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Hey there! Welcome.  Are you looking for fun, relaxed photo session with your loves? You know, the kind of pictures your children will look back on in twenty years and think, “man, I was so loved!”

My photography sessions are fun! We laugh. We play. With all the time spent preparing for the session well in advance, by the time the photo session comes, we know each other well.  That makes the session more about fun than standing around smiling forced smiles. These moments are real, they are your story to tell. Along the way I help you prepare for the session with advice for locations that work for your family. We talk clothing and what will work and what may not work. Then, at the session, I guide a few pointers, but generally, you are having so much fun with each other, you don’t need me to tell you what to do the entire time. It is much more relaxed and playful!

My name is Brooke Hamilton. Hamilton Creek is a play on my name and childhood nickname of “Creek.” I am a family first kind of girl. My schedule revolves around my family, and I am so thankful I get to work from home and set my schedule to allow time to take our identical twin boys to swim practice every day and walk them to and from school. My Australian husband’s adventure and love of travel means we have been almost everywhere in our 18 years together. We have not stopped our adventures since meeting, or since having our identical twin sons eleven years ago.  

I have been in business since my boys were three, in 2011, and now they are ten! I can’t believe how fast time goes, and how quickly they grow. I love being a mom and being able to capture them is my passion. Capturing other family’s memories is truly a joy for me. Last year I was approved to be a Click Pro with Clickin Moms. This journey has pushed me to become a better artist and also helped me really find my voice in photography. I love real emotions, connections first, real stories, but still create beautiful portraits and family heirlooms.

I am a “get messy” kind of girl. In fact, if you have a session with me, you will likely see me covered in sand or get soaking wet if we are at the beach. Or I will likely have knees full of dirt if we are in my favorite lush green spaces. You don’t have to worry about your kids being perfectly behaved or being too wild and silly, because honestly, I am probably the silliest big kid around. Our messy, beautiful lives are what I aim to capture in my daily photographs of my own kids, and if you let me, I would love to capture your kiddos being “themselves” – the good, the loud, the messy, or if they are more reserved, then them being thoughtful, inquisitive and sweet. Part of getting to know you is knowing your kids’ likes, loves, and challenges.   

I chase the light and often call it “yummy” or “delish.” So be prepared for being called yummy, too. I think photographing people in beautiful light is the most fun in a job ever. I love to laugh, full belly laugh, loudly, and I am known to make ridiculous noises at our sessions! 

I love the pool, the beach, and photographing underwater. There is something so peaceful about being under the water. It is quiet, full of light and sometimes a little less perfect than traditional photography, and the beautiful “mistakes” that being in the water produces are what makes my heart happy.

The color pink makes me happy, family, friends, wildflowers, word quotes as art, out of focus images that make me feel something rather than see something, travel, the Green Bay Packers, essential oils, great music, Hawaii, and sunshine are some of my favorites but not necessarily in that order.

Why am I a photographer?

Well, these boys keep me on my toes and I want to remember every bit of joy we have together. I document their real moments, as a way to remember all the little things. The way they look with gaps of missing teeth. The way they look when they play together, not worrying about anything around them, just their bonds of brotherhood. I also want to also be able to do that for other families. That is why most of our session is not standing perfect, with hair just so, smiling at the camera. It is asking you to hug and cuddle your little ones, because soon you will be able to barely lift them. I love to have you whisper why you love them in their ear and see their true and honest reaction of being loved. That moment captured, for you to treasure forever. I am also a photographer so you can get memories of that love on your walls. On their grandparent’s walls, too! I want your kids to see themselves and their family every day as they eat meals with you, and have that reminder of the day time stood still, when they were smaller, maybe had less hair and teeth, and when they can barely remember those days, they will know it because they see it on their walls every day. If we get to do it again the next year, and the year after that, well, that makes me extra happy because then I know you are going to have a true story of your family. A story of art to look back on with fondness.

Are you ready to book? Feel free to contact me using the CONTACT button above. Or, even better, let’s chat on the phone for a few minutes to really get to know each other before you dive into investing your families memories with me!

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Proud member of the Professional Photographers of America, Brooke and Hamilton Creek Photography, LLC are licensed, registered and insured in the state of Florida.