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Back-to-school Mini Sessions Tampa

Back-to-School Mini-Sessions Tampa, Florida

Back-to-school…we are already in the thick of things people, three weeks into school already??? I hope you have found your grooves parents, and kiddos alike!  Things have been so hectic around the Hamilton house I have been slacking on my blogging.  About to change that today! Sitting in my office, actually, locked in my office as tiles are being repaired so we can get ready to list our house! We are moving. Yay for new adventures and thankfully, we are are not going far, just a new house in our neighborhood.  Still, between moving and back-to-school, I am a little chaotic myself.  Nonetheless, I want to share some of my favorite moments from our back to school sessions with you all! But, I am going to be a little lazy and do them all as one post.  Lazy, or practical? I’ll let you decide 🙂 If you are here because of one of the gorgeous families who took part in our back-to-school sessions, leave them some love and say who brought you to the blog, please! It can help them earn a gift print from me! I am so glad I asked Reilly of Reilly Maguire Photography to do the mini-sessions with me this year. After all, this adorable set is mostly her amazing props!  A few books from us and the kids, I provided the apples that were surprisingly the biggest hit of the evening, and a few favorite items of each child and we were set! It was an adventure and we honestly work so well together. We don’t need to tell each other much, just know each other’s strengths and go with it. I cannot wait to see her blog of the sessions, too. We were bummed it started raining that afternoon of the sessions, but thankfully, we persevered on and had a plan to work under an overhang in Winthrop Town Center if it rained, and so that is where we went, the field we had planned on would have been too muddy.  I also threw in a few of my favorites of our “test” session with Reilly’s daughter and our boys at the end, too.


Sorry for my own personal kid overload…but I know the grandies will appreciate it 😉

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