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Tampa Family Portraits: Tampa Photo Locations

I loved meeting this gorgeous family this past month. Lettuce Lake Park is actually one of my favorite Tampa photo locations. I love it in the morning and well before sunset, or even at sunset. It really was the perfect spot for this young man’s graduation pictures and Tampa family portraits. Getting photos done even when your children are grown is so important to your family’s legacy in photos. You can’t just stop at kindergarten. Family memories happen all the time, not just when the kids are little. I always welcome high school seniors to incorporate family photos at a portion of their photo session. It gives them the option to celebrate their achievements, but also have lasting photographic memories of this time before their adult lives really begin.

Here are a few of my favorite Tampa family portraits from this Lettuce Lake Park photo session:

family pictures tampa, outdoor indian family portraits
foraml family pictures, tampa family portraits
brother and sister portraits, older children photos
family in traditional Indian sar

One of my favorite colors to photograph families in is royal blue. Set against the greenery, the royal blue definitely pops. Whereas, I feel teals and turquois and any blue with green undertones gets lost againse the greenery. Even worse, it can really make your skin tones relfect all the greenery, too. However, every skin tone looks great in that jewel tone as well. The complementary blue and gold in the saris this lovely mother and daughter are wearing is about the most beautiful clothing I have ever been able to photograph as well.

This session was so fun and relaxed. While the wanted traditional portraits, the few images of them just connecting with each other have my heart. Even older children need to be photographed, so don’t stop the annual photo sessions after your kids are in kindergarten. Celebrate the milestones in between, too. What a treasure for this family and in particular for their grown children to have these Tampa family portraits to hang in their own homes some day, too! If you are looking to update your own Tampa family portraits, let’s talk. I am now booking August and beyond for 2021!

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Brandon Florida – Motherhood Pictures & First Birthday Photo Session

This adorable little guy just turned one year old. For a special gift, his family was gifted a birthday milestone mini photo session. I love when I get to be part of the gift giving process and my gift certificates are always a wonderful idea for family near or far. I print them in 5×7 size so they look extra special when put into a photo frame, too! Brandon Florida motherhood pictures for the win, am I right?

Brandon Florida motherhood pictures really don’t get much sweeter. We set up a weekday morning in Brandon, for a wonderful and relaxed first birthday and special motherhood session. I loved the location and haven’t been here for years, but I think this park will be on my list for fall family sessions. The morning light was just so gorgeous! I know not every family can hang until sunset, so a morning session is perfect for littles or families with busy activities scheduled every weekend!

I mean, during the spring it really was a perfect spot to stop and smell the flowers, too! How adorable is this little guy? He was so chill and relaxed, and took all the sights in. This mama glowed and her dress couldn’t have looked prettier for this location! Keeping him in a soft t-shirt and simple shorts that allowed him to move and be comfortable and cool is also a win in my book. Kids don’t have to be in outfits that are fussy or don’t allow them to move and groove. That is when things can get tricky and hot, especially in Florida!

My favorite part, besides meeting these cuties, was doing a test for a 60 second film clip of their session, too. I am adding this to any milestone session, big or small as an added service. There is just something about movement and capturing the details of life on films that makes my mama heart soar. Ask me how when you book your next session or mini-session! If you are looking for Brandon Florida motherhood pictures of your own, let’s start scheduling your own session. I am now taking session for September! Use this link to contact me or email me directly at Brooke@HamiltonCreekPhotography.com

Watch the 60 second film HERE.

Brandon Forida motherhood pictures, flower field pictures tampa
mother and son photos in black and white
motherhood photos tampa bay, davis park photos
baby toes on mother's hip, motherhood pictures tampa
These details transport me right back to when our own children were this age. The dirty toes, and hanging off the side of mama’s hip. It doesn’t get sweeter than this!
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Sand Key Family Pictures

Sand Key Beach, just a short drive over the bridge from Clearwater Beach, and honestly, it feels like a world away. A slower, much less crowded, world away. When a fellow photographer, and ClickPro, contacted me that she and her family were coming to Clearwater and would I like to meet, my answer was an OF COURSE! But, not in Clearwater 🙂 I recommended we head to Sand Key. We eventually found she was actually staying on Sand Key, so it worked out perfectly. We had the most amazing hour of coffee before our session. Talking life, photography, the pandemic and mom-life and all the juggling we manage to do!

This mama is the talented Priyanka of Priyanka Berry Photography, based in Cincinnati  https://www.priyankaberryphotography.com/. Being able to photograph another photographer’s family is the highest honor. If you are heading to Clearwater Beach, let’s talk about your family pictures at Sand Key Beach.

Sand Key Beach for family pictures is really ideal. You have so much space to work with and lots of niches of greenery to make some portraits before heading down to the beach. Once you take little ones to the beach, you can pretty much guarantee that their attention will be on playing. Which, for me, is the magic of a family beach photo session in Tampa Bay. Playing, having fun, loving on your kiddos and partners, I mean, that is the real magic, right?

what to wear beach pictures, sand key sheraton photos
father holding daughter at beach, sand key family pictures
girl with pout in black and white, family pictures sand key
child dancing down to the beach, sand key beach family pictures

These two shots of the family walking down to the beach are honestly two of my favorites. The light was magical and dreamy over the palm trees. You could see the bright sunshine on the distant Gulf. I always just tell families, let me carry what you are taking with you as we walk down if possible. This is why. The quiet family moments before diving into the fun of chasing the waves and digging in the sand. Plus, as a girl who grew up in Wisconsin, I know how much I adored palm trees whenever we came to visit family in Florida!

family walking at sunset, fun family photographer tampa
sand key family pictures, tampa family photographer
emotive family photos, what to wear family beach photos
How wonderful are these deep neutral tones at the beach? I just love how they used color and all different fabrics so even with mostly solid outfits, they had depth. If you are looking for what to wear at the beach without being totally neutral and soft, these more deep tones are definitely recommended! I love the mustard and coral color combo in particular! Plus, the black and white really popped with their oldest daughter’s fun pattern on her twirl dress. I mean, two twirl dresses, what could be more fun?
squishy family pictures at beach, sand key family pictures
black and white sihouette picture at beach, sand key family pictures
family pictures in silhouette, sand key beach
family pictures at sand key beach, sheraton sand key photos
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Riverview Maternity Photos

Welcoming a little one soon, this absolutely gorgeous couple booked a maternity mini-session to document their last moments as a family of two. Here is a snap shot of their Riverview maternity photos. While I had never met this couple before this night, I always get to know my clients a bit before we meet though a questionnaire. We can either do it over the telephone or via an online questionnaire whenvever clients have time.

Mini-sessions include less time together. So, this step is definitely important to save time during our session itself. The questionnaire is a little step; however, it can really help us get to know each other before meeting. The questionnaire allows us to go over expectations. As well as plan wardrobe. If they don’t have a location in mind, the anwers sometimes spark an idea.

Additionally, I like to know what pictures are important to my clients firstly. Then add some artistic flair with a few images so they have variety. But first and foremost, my client’s vision always comes first. Honestly, these maternity photos are some of my favorites I have ever captured.

In their questionnaire we went over the fact that they are a loving, passionate and peaceful couple. It was important to reflect this. I definitely think we accomplished this. Plus, joy! We captured happiness. It was easy with her contageous smile. It was joyful not only taking the Riverview maternity photos of them but I was smiling editing them!

If you are expecting, I am also taking maternity clients through May at this time. I love adding maternity mini-sessions to the newborn session. Often, thirty minutes and a smaller gallery is all that is needed to document the maternity milestone. The sessions take place within 10 miles of Riverview. As you can see from this session, there are beautiful locations in Riverview and the surrounding 10 mile area. I am also taking newborn sessions for outdoor sessions at this time. Nonetheless, I hope to offer in-home sessions again in the fall.

riverview florida pictures, woman in white dress with baby bump
beautiful mother to be, pregnancy photos tampa
tampa maternity photographer, riverview maternity pictures

I love the timeless feel of maternity photos in particular. The light and the stunning white outfits really helped the couple pop in these fine art black and white portraits.

fine art maternity pictures, baby bump photos
Doesn’t get more perfect than this baby bump!
maternity photos, fine art maternity pictures
tampa pregnancy photos, couple walking in flower field
couple in flower field, tampa maternity photographer
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Spring Family Photos | Tampa Family Photographer

Spring family photos in Tampa this year have been the thing to do! I know a lot of people put fall family photos on hold, like our own family did. So I was so glad to see this family in 2021. Each year I look forward to what they are going to wear. Family photos are important. They are the heirlooms we will have to look back on for a small moment of time. However, fancy clothing isn’t needed to get your family pictures done. Trust me. But, clothing can definitely add something special to a portrait session if you are investing in a session.

Sure, I take pictures of my own kids here at this flower field every year, and I don’t dress them up any more. They wouldn’t even let me if I tried! Instead, I just let them be themselves. However, I am also not putting those up on my walls beyond a small print to hang up on our memory pin board. This location is stunning. It deserves stunning clothing to go with it.

I always give my clients tips on photo locations and clothing options. The location you choose should be part of picking your outfits for family pictures for sure. Whether you start with the location, or start with your clothing first, they should work together. An in home session looking this dressed up may not make sense, but in a flower field it is magic! Right? Both kinds of sessions have my heart. So if you are more of a t-shirt and sweats kind of family and you love being at home, call me! Those are my kind of sessions and stories to capture, too.

For this family, they always have the best family photo style for each family member. They don’t really need my tips! For families who get yearly photos, you know it is hard to pick something “new” and still stay true to your style. This year for their spring family photos Tampa, they went with a boho styled look. It worked well as a simple neutral color scheme against the flower field for sure.

spring family photos tampa, family in a flower field
tampa family photographer, family in a flower field pictures
family portraits, spring family photos tampa

I love when the parents are game for a few shots together, too. When you have toddlers, it may not be the easiest to sneak a couple of just the two of you, but if you can, it is always worth it!

couple in a field, couples pictures tampa
mother and child pictures, spring family photos tampa

I know some photographers get intimiated when older kids are at a session, but for me, I just love it. Getting parents shots with each individual kiddo is important, too. I am a sucker for a mother-son shot, being a boy mama, but I also remember being an emotional, probably annoying pre-teen for my mom, and now that I am a mom, I realize just how much my mom did for me, so those shots are always so great to get, too.

family walking in a field, flower field pictures tampa
spring family photos tampa, family walking in a field
child with grandma's quilt, tampa child portraits
Her grandma’s quilt was a perfect way to cap off the session and document this family piece in their family photos, too

As much as the color works for this location, there is just something so timeless about black and white images in this Tampa flower field location. I can’t wait for my film scans to come back where I played at the very end of this session, too. Freelensing and all that sunshine will hopefully work perfectly!

fine art black and white family pictures, riverview florida photographer
flower field pictures tampa, spring family photos tampa

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