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Tampa Pregnancy Announcement Pictures

I mean, does it get any sweeter than these two? I can answer for you, nope! Here is a throwback to where I met this couple a few year’s back – http://hamiltoncreekphotography.com/traditional-brandon-florida-wedding/. A mini-session to help these two announce they were expecting a little one was a fun way to end December.

Ironically, their session got swapped when my newborn client decided to stay put a few extra days in their mama’s tummy. The weather looked better this particular night and the stars aligned that hair and make up could be done the day before, too. I say, we lucked out. The weather was absolutely perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, and the light, magic! Tampa pregnancy announcement pictures and a sweet couple session to ring in Christmas was a sweet end to 2020!

I loved the colors this couple picked out for the winter photo session here in Florida. This is about as “winter” as we get. Maybe a the grasses and brush will be a little less green as the weeks go on, but the maroon always pops against greenery a little more subtle than true reds do. Plus, navy and maroon is a classic combination. The color combo for family pictures go together without matching too much. I will be sharing more and more of my family sessions I did this fall. I saw a ton of maroon and navy combos that work so perfectly together!

Plus, as you may know, this location is one of my favorites to do Tampa photo sessions at. This year in particular, with Covid and taking on less sessions to hopefully have less exposure in our community, this location was a perfect spot for mini-sessions in particular. The variety of Winthrop Town Centre for family photos around the holidays means some Christmas decor. However, what I love is that a couple blocks away we get a totally different look. The green space options for pictures will last the whole year without Christmas in the background.

Are you expecting for 2021? I offer both mini-sessions for pregnancy announcements and maternity sessions. Let’s talk about your Tampa pregnancy announcement pictures soon.

couple photos in town center, winthrop town centre pictures

If you go to their wedding blog linked above, we recreated a few of our favorite moments from their “reception” shots in the dress change.

couple photos in town center, winthrop town centre pictures
pregnancy announcement ideas, couple embrace in black and white photo
pregancy announcement pictures, winthrop town centre pictures

Probably my favorite series of shots are these three below. I love incorporating movement into my sessions. A little walk can do just the trick for getting movement. Plus, the light flare was perfect for added drama. Then, as the couple walked toward me, I framed them shooting through a tree brach that was where I was standing. That little extra sun flareon the bottm of the right two shots is from the sun hitting the leaves. Not to be braggy, but using light like that is what sets me apart from other photographers. I have had clients specifically reach out to me year after year to get that light. If you want that yummy light, too, come on over!

Let’s set up your session this spring when the weather is cooler and the sun sets early enough to get home in time for dinner. Even better, stop at Winthrop Town Centre for some yummy take out! I mean, Cappy’s or Datz? You can’t go wrong!

couple walking hand in hand
tampa couple pictures
announcing pregnancy pictures in beautiful light
woman in pretty light announcing pregnancy
announcement of pregnancy, layflat of baby announcement
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Family Beach Pictures Tampa Bay | Families on Film

This year was my first attempt at doing film-hybrid sessions for one of my “mini-session” dates for fall family photos. You guys. I am hooked. It offered the best of both worlds for the families. Not only do film sessions not have ot be at sunset, as film loves light, but it is a slower paced session. Less stress, more time to breath and just let kids be kids. Living for the moments in between instead of just happy, forced smiles that you can snap 100 photos if in a usual digital mini-session. It makes me so happy anytime I can capture family beach pictures around Tampa Bay. This added a new level of fun.

The films sessions are just a bit more slow. More time to set up the shot and wait for the moments to happen. The beautiful. The mundane. The real. The beautiful. The timeless. Give me all of that. Plus, you get a few extra shots as I shoot digital on my mirrorless camera along the way. But the film, guys, there is just something magical about film at our Tampa Bay beaches. So, if you are looking for family beach pictures in Tampa Bay, contact me on how to add a film roll to your full session. Or, be on the lookout next fall for family beach film sessions. They are likely going to be the only mini-sessions I will offer at the beach next year again!

In this session, we met about an hour and a half before sunset. Therefore, they had more light to work with. The\ session looks super different than the session that wrapped up just before sunset. I will link that session when I have a chance to blog it as well. Both lovely, just in different ways. If you have kids who fall asleep early, a film beach session may be the perfect answer for you. Then, we don’t have ot wait for the last few minutes of sunset for hte perfect time to take your family beach pictures. Family beach pictures are truly where clients can really be themselves. But, I always warn families. Beach session are not for everyone. Take this short quiz if you want to see if a family beach session is right for you!

This shot below has to be one of my favorites from the film roll. Happy parents truly make the best family photos. Even if the kids are not looking at the camera in this shot. You know when the kids grow up seeing their family with happy parents, they will absolutely feel loved.

family on beach using film photography, families on film tampa
family walking on the beach holding hands, tampa family beach pictures, family beach pictures tampa bay
family beach pictures tampa bay
children walking around seagulls
mother holding kids at the beach
families on film, film family pictures tampa bay

The best time of year to be at the beach is in the upcoming months. Now, it is a bit cooler and less crowded. Take advantage of a few less snow birds this year. Even if that means putting some layers on. Let’s play with family beach pictures, Tampa! Here is a link to a blog post about what to wear for family beach pictures as well. I will be doing a blog post about options for clothing if you are looking to do a film session, or add a film portion to your session in 2021!

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Outdoor Newborn Photos – Tampa Newborn Photographer

Meet baby I. Isn’t she the sweetest? Her family was just about the easiest to photograph ever, as well. After what felt like weeks of careful planning, I finally got to safely meet them this month. We met at their home for a short five minute indoor session, with my mask on, no touching, and plenty of space between us, and then left for an outdoor adventure. Outdoor newborn photos are about my favorite thing to capture ever!

Additionally, the weather was absolutely perfect after weeks of heat and lots of rain. Thank goodness, the stars aligned for the fastest newborn session ever. Sweet baby I slept the entire time. She was happy in mom and dad’s arms, but they did have a basket with their own blankets to safely put her in for a few shots on her own, too.

I am kind of obsessed with her floral cribsheets as well. Just darling!

baby nursery photos

Moreover, I am thrilled my Helios lens arrived a week before this session as well. The lens flare and rainbows this vintage Russian lens creates are just perfect for newborns. I really can’t wait to break this out for my next maternity photo session, too! Hopefully, I will be able to offer motherhood mini’s again this spring, too. I can just imagine the lens flare with spring flowers, can’t you! Don’t miss out and make sure you are on my newsletter list for 2021!

motherhood newborn pictures
outdoor newborn pictures tampa
parents holding newborn baby

Have you seen happier parents? I don’t think I have! I can’t wait for their artwork to arrive to them next week! Their love of black and white images will fill their home with timeless artwork that will take them back to when Miss I was so tiny!

outdoor newborn photos, family holding baby
family newborn pictures, outdoor newborn photos
newborn baby in basket, outdoor newborn photos

Lastly, I am taking outdoor newborn photos through the springtime. Are expecting? Let’s talk how we can safely document your newborn during these crazy times! I offer petite newborn sessions like this, set in one of our beautiful outdoor Tampa locations.

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Riverview Florida Photographer: Winthrop Town Center Photos

When I need to test something out creative or just finish a roll of black and white film, I know who to call. These adorable clients are the most fun. I have loved watching them grow into the strongest, silliest, and sweetest little people ever since capturing little sis’ newborn photos. Plus, their mama and dad who didn’t make it here are both awesome-sauce, too! For a flashback to the newborn session, click HERE.

They met me for a fun mini-session at Winthrop Town Center in Riverview, Florida a couple of weeks ago. A session at Winthrop Town Center is so great for photos family photos. You get the best of both worlds, cute little urban backdrops and a green space to run free if you like, too. I recently did a morning session there, too. While that family prefers to stay off social media, so I can’t share them, the mornings are just as lovely as sunset sessions! Also, here is a link to the fall mini-session schedule and one of the spots still open is Winthrop – http://hamiltoncreekphotography.com/tampa-mini-sessions-2020/.

  • Tuesday evening September 29th @ Winthrop Town Center | Riverview | 5:30 pm or 6:15 pm


The film, back to the film. If you have been following along with me this summer on Instagram, you may have seen I am shooting film more. I love it. The colors are so beautiful to me. Yes, I am talking about black and white film, here but trust me, the colors are so lovely! Oh, and the simplicity, the slow down, and just more intent in shooting a really amazing excersize for me. Below are a few of my favorite black and white film shots from this Riverview, Florida, photo session.

winthrop town center pictures, motherhood portraits tampa
motherhood pictures, black and white film photos riverview
winthrop town center photos, motherhood pictures tampa
motherhood pictures on black and white film, girls with mom

Now onto the color, because, let’s face it. Their summery matching red dresses are meant to be in color! I love the timelessness of black and white, but sometimes, color is just more fun!

motherhood portraits, winthrop town center photos
sister portraits, winthrop town center riverview florida
motherhood pictures tampa, colorful family photos tampa
sisters running in backlight, fun child portraits tampa
sisters running in backlight, fun child portraits tampa

Two more digital black and whites, just because how can I not with the light and textures. Which do you prefer?

sisters running in backlight, fun child portraits tampa
sister in black and white, winthrop town center photos
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Odessa Newborn Pictures: Lifestyle Family Photos

This adorable family is just about the sweetest I have ever met. I am so glad I got to photograph their engagement earlier this year, and now their newborn photos. Do you want to see one of the last sessions I did at Redington Pier before it was torn down? Click HERE for their engagement photos. But I digress, baby to baby! I mean, he even has a matching dimple to his mama. I don’t think it gets cuter! We scheduled their Odessa newborn pictures with all the Covid precautions in mind. Sure, it was different than a normal newborn session. However, the family was still able to get newborn photos taken. For that, I am grateful and so are they. Sure, my newborn wrapping skills and baby handling were non-existent, but the baby was in the safest hands possible! His mom and dads!

The petite newborn session I offer is relaxed, simple and baby led. I am with you for an hour, in your home or outdoors if possible. We let baby lead, and keep things easy breezy for everyone. Lifestyle family photos are some of my favorite because they focus on your family first. The first few days when baby is so fresh and tiny, being safe in your arms is best. I do bring a sanitized basket, use your blankets and bedding for keeping baby safe in the basket if you like. Or, we can use your crib, or bed for a backdrop to let baby just be. There really is nothing better than those first moments as a family and holding your own baby. Being able to capture that joy and awe of holding your baby after waiting so many months is just the best feeling.

If you know someone expecting or you are pregnant, and maybe a bit concerned about how to safely document the first moments as a new family, feel free to have them reach out. I will go over my safety process and talk about how to best photograph your newborn baby. I will only offer the petite sessions for now to limit our time exposed to each other. My biggest concern right now is to keep everyone healthy! Staying distant while shooting and wearing a mask are two ways to best capture your newest addition on camera.

newborn baby in basket, odessa newborn pictures

Laying this sweet guy on his grandma’s hand made blanket, it doesn’t get any better, right? We also used the couple’s muslin swaddle blankets from Target, too. Keeping things as easy as possible for your in home newborn session is our goal and we can help plan on the details so on the day of the session you are as prepared as possible. That makes the newborn photo session so much less stressful.

newborn sleeping on grandmas blanket, baby picture

A few of my favorite images from the session were taken on film. It was my first time trying out Ilford HP5Plus. It was a dream for an in home newborn photo session. I am offering this service as an add on to any newborn session moving forward as there is something that just can’t be imitated.

black and white newborn baby pictures, family photos tampa
black and white film, tampa film photographer
family holding newborn, tampa newborn photographer

Baby toes don’t get any sweeter! Trust me mamas, as these boys get older, they sure do get stinky. So soak up the time that they are cuter than anything else!

newborn toes, baby details

LOVE that this family incorporated another special touch; Dad’s love of the Bufffalo Bills. Even the mask is important to document as nothing says baby born in 2020 like that!

baby in buffalo bills hat, newborn baby picture
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