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Tampa Baby Photographer | Downtown Tampa In Home Newborn Pictures

It was a dream when this client called me to talk about baby photos. They had a vision for these photos that is so in line with how I want to document your newest family member. Laid back and just adoring your new baby. Yes, please! As a Tampa baby photographer I love lifestyle photos best. A specific shot of mine made them want to book me. By communicating that to me, I got a sense of their style. Plus, I knew that it was important to capture them in in an authentic way first and foremost. I would say we got that shot along with so many other adorable images to document their new family.

As a Tampa baby photographer, I work with clients to determine out what they are looking for from a photographer. I am not the photographer for everyone. I definitely prefer newborn photos, or baby pictures to be baby led. That means, keeping baby safe in your arms or on their own without assistance needed for safety.

Their home was just a wonderful spot to incorporate into their newborn photo session, too. The large windows were a dream and set the scene for a wonderful large soft box effect on this slightly overcast morning we met in Tampa. Your house doesn’t need to be immaculate if I am coming in. Plus, I always prep clients to clear out the room they think gets the most light. Or the space most important to them. Then I can help hide away anything that comes into view that isn’t part of your image story.

I moved when I was two. Honestly, I don’t remember much about my first house except that it was brick. I remember that because I have seen photos of it. These images incorporate the house this baby was brought home to. That makes makes it more special to me. Plus, it makes it so much easier, right? I come to you! You get to take it easy before I get there and just hang in your home. Easy, peasy! I even bring a few wraps and accessories so you don’t need to plan anything. Of course, clients can alwasy incorporate their own blankets and items.

Getting to know your style is part of the booking process, too. Having been in business for over ten years, helping clients plan things to make the session as stress free as possible is always my goal! Are you expecting? Let’s talk and see if I am the right Tampa baby photographer for you! I am taking weekday newborn sessions through the year and weekends starting in December!

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Tampa Newborn Photography | In Home Simple Newborn Photo Session

Three and a half years ago it was this girl’s newborn session I got to document. At that time I was doing more posed newborn photography than I offer today. However, we did bring a few items I used back then just in case baby sister was sleepy. That way we could recreate a few of her same type of shots. But, we also had to do a few fun shots of big sister while we rocked baby sister for all of two minutes before she passed out! They truly are some of my favorites because I loved playing with the dramatic light and movement. Now, onto this new addition’s Tampa newborn photography in home session.

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You can see some of this “big sister’s” newborn sesesion HERE (http://hamiltoncreekphotography.com/riverview-baby-pictures-sweet-in-home-newborn-session/).

Now, meet baby S. She was very alert and didn’t want to miss out on any of the fun. But, the last ten minutes we managed to get a few sleeping shots on her own. I loved that we were able to recreate their favorite shot holding the new baby girl just like their first daughter. Now they can hang both of their canvas gallery wraps next to each other. Plus, they added to it with the sister shots, too. The best part of finishing a newborn session is helping create artwork to hang up and enjoy everyday. There is no better way to enjoy these images than on your walls. Plus, it is great for your kiddo’s self-esteem, too. Being surrounded by images where they can see how loved they are, I mean, there isn’t anything better, right?

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Having grandma there we got to have all the women in one shot and these moments also have my heart!

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For me, the timelessness of black and white images will stand the test of time. Don’t you think? Are you expecting this fall? Don’t delay in booking your newborn session. The best time to book is while you are still expecting. Typically at least four weeks before you are due. If you want a weekend date, then at least six weeks in advance is best. There is a lot of work that goes into planning the Tampa newborn photography sessions before we meet, so sooner is always better!

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Tampa Maternity Photos | Tampa Photo Locations

Oh my lanta. What a gorgeous mama-to-be! I am so lucky to know this mama for quite some time. Since our boys were preschoolers and they are now entering their 8th grade in school. I have been there when her sister got married, then she got engaged to this lucky guy, and when she got married, too. A few other photo sessions in between with her darling family and now, this sweet couple is are about to be parents. I loved being the one doing their Tampa maternity photos at a new to me location in Tampa.

They are truly the kindest, sweetest and most laid back couple ever, so I just know they will be amazing parents. We met at a new to me park for their gorgeous maternity photo session. The Rivercrest Park in Seminole Heights is just so beautiful. A perfect spot to focus on this special time for this sweet couple. These Tampa maternity photos are just about as good as it gets in the middle of our tumultuous Florida summers. The light, the Spanish moss and lush palm trees along the riverfront has me all kinds of excited for fall sessions here, too!

It was hard to pick my favorite Tampa maternity photos from this sun drenched session. However, I think the amazing oak tree that framed them was my favorite spot. The dock was also gorgeous, but a little harder to steady ourselves on! Still, that river and sunset, I mean, doesn’t get prettier in the heart of the city. As far as Tampa photo locations, this will be one I will be grabbing a few more permits for! While my mini-sessions for fall at this location are all booked up, you can still set up a full session here or look for other locations in Tampa for fall mini-sessions HERE.

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I love incorporating special things in every maternity photo session, and this onesie was just perfect for this couple!
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Lifestyle Newborn Pictures Riverview Florida

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I can’t even handle these cute big brothers. Can you? Meet sweet baby A, and her big brothers. Firstly, I love these relaxed lifestyle newborn pictures. This session was done in Riverview, Florida, a few weeks back. Although, baby girl did not want to sleep while I was there. She did NOT want to miss out on any of the fun. Which is totally fine! I don’t stress and help families relax to know I am capture the moments that matter. Babies do their own thing. I give you a few tips if you want some more simple posed images to help them pass out right as we start. However, that doesn’t mean every baby does that.

That is why my newborn photo sessions are always baby led. They really do call the shots of how things flow. Lifestyle newborn pictures start with a plan of a few shots that are important to your family, but if you let me just capture you and your family in your space without too many “posed must haves” I promise you will end up with more moments that will matter in time.

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Often, we are just hanging out during our session. I am there to look for light, moment and storytelling that can make these images stand out in your memories. Trust me, you won’t remember the late night feeds, baby stuff being sprinkled around the house, and all those baby details. Additionally, that may mean you have time to feed baby, change, do the things that babies need, and I have some time to photograph the fun around you. Like Nerf shooting skills. I will take it all. No Nerfs in your home? Well, then maybe it is the nursery I document. Or a special homemade gift. Maybe it is a pet. Your story comes in many different points of view. I adore the everyday.

However, I also apprecaite portraits with personality, so that is my goal going into every lifestyle photo session, too. A newborn photo session is the perfect time to just let me capture you and yours in the comfort of your home.

Currently, I am taking newborns for September for weekdays and have some weekend openings in October for newborns. Or if you are looking for a short and sweet mini-session for your family this fall, please check out the availability for sessions around Tampa – HERE. Additionally, these mini-sessions give you a taste of custom photography on location around Tampa Bay. The best part is they are quick and it often means I get to see the same families year after year. Watching babies grow before my lens may sound cheesy, but it is the best part of my job!

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Twin Baby Photos | Tampa Newborn Photographer

This family came to a fall mini-session a couple years back with a wide eyed, energetic toddler in two. Now, they are overnight, a family of five. Twin baby photos will always have my heart being a twin mama as well. Meet the newest addition to the B family, their sweet boy-girl twins! I loved seeing their big brother again. Such a ham and still full of fun energy. Seem liks his sister may take after him and not want to miss out on all the fun. It may look like she was sleeping through the session, but I can vouch that was not the case! She definitely didn’t want to nap but her brother, well, I don’t think he opened his eyes more than a few seconds!

It will be interesting for this family to look back on this blog and see if their differences stay the same, or if they change. I know as a twin mama, I don’t remember much of those first few days with boy kiddos home, so I bet they won’t remember much about this session so this blog post will take them back. That and their newest family photos; which will live on forever in their homes.

This shot of little sister leaning on her twin brother is one of my faves from the day. It really shows their size differences and it really doesn’t get sweeter.

boy girl twin photos in basket, twin pictures tampa

I haven’t done a “what to expect” blog post in a while. This session is a great opportunity to go over an in home newborn photo session. Lately it feels like I have had nothing but baby photo sessions all over Tampa Bay! So, what is an in home newborn session like?

lifestyle pictures tampa, in home newborn photos tampa

Let’s start with the first shots of the day. I mean, the joy and excitement from the new big brother is just everything. I love how excited he was sitting in the middle of his new siblings. Taking time to knock out the family photos first is best if the newborns are not sleeping right as I arrive at a session. Especially with siblings in the mix. They don’t have the attention span to keep going for an hour or two, as any parent of little ones can attest to.

Then, the sibling(s) get a break and I focus on the baby if they are sleeping. Or, we move to parent/newborn photos if they are still awake. Safe in a parent’s arms is always possible. Whether awake, or asleep,there is nothing like a baby in a parents arms. The plan of any newborn session is to go with the flow and let babies be and they lead the flow.

If they fall asleep, we start simple baby led newborn photos. I generally put them in a basket with a family’s own towels to stuff the basket. This creates a safe spot to lie. Then, I put a washed blanket or simple wrap over the towel. I let babies lead on newborn sessions. Most of the setups are with baby in a onesie or diaper and then wraps helping keep them snug and secure feeling. All babies are different, some like arms out, or no wrap, so again, I follow their lead.

Here we did a few individual shots of parents wit the babies, and then when both were wrapped and snug in spot, we brough “big brother” back over to adore them. I had my left hand on babies in the basket the whole time while brother was behind them to make sure they were secure, and mom was just next to big brother as added help, too!

lifestyle newborn pictures, tampa family photographer

Big brother was sound asleep, so I did some sweet shots of him soothing himself while we waited to see if his sister would fall asleep. Even with twin baby photos, I always get each baby on their own, too. They can’t be though of as “twins” all the time and each will want their own photo documentation to look back on!

baby boy sleeping in basket
baby girl newborn pictures, simple newborn photos tampa

Eventually she did, well, at least a few seconds of sleep every few snaps or so! So I did a few shots of just her, and back to the basket set up together again.

tampa newborn photographer, simple twin newborn pictures
twin newborn pictures, boy girl twin photos

Then we snuck in some gorgeous family shots by their front entry. That natural light was too good to pass up. Plus, I know how much I marvel at the fact that the parents can hold both of their babies now, without any issues. Trust me, that passes fast! I can’t even lift my 13 year old twins now and haven’t been able to for a long time.

twin family photos, in home newborn pictures tampa

Last we snuck outside in their yard just for a few more family images.

outdoor newborn photos, tampa family photographer


f you are expecting soon, the best time to set up your newborn session is at least four weeks before your due date. There is no harm in setting it up a bit earlier. Most of my newborns are captured the first twelve days after baby is born. We help plan all the details with a session success guide. Plus, a questionnaire to get to know your style before we meet in person. If you are looking for some style help, here is a link to my own newborn photo session style pin board (https://www.pinterest.com/HamiltonCreek/what-to-wear-newborn-photo-sessions/). If you are looking for a a newborn session this year, I still have some availability in September and October. Email me or use the “Contact” form on this website.

You can always add-on a 60 second video clip of your session, too!

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