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Holiday Mini Sessions Tampa 2017: Limited edition family photo sessions

Holiday Mini Sessions Tampa 2017

Holiday Pictures Tampa

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It is that time of year again.  Holiday Mini Sessions Tampa 2017: Limited edition family photo sessions. Yes, this is the busiest time of year for family photographers, and the best time of year to look for holiday pictures Tampa!  The holiday mini sessions Tampa 2017 were just announced to clients this week. Now it is everyone’s turn to book a limited edition family mini session in Tampa.  Much like the last two years, there are two options. Weekday sessions will be held early and get an early bird rate. The weekend sessions are set at the following times and locations. These are the only dates and I won’t open other dates/locations as they will be for full family sessions that I am still taking at this time of year. Once a session is booked, it will be crossed out.


Ready to book? I hope so & can’t wait to see you, email Brooke@HamiltonCreekPhotography.com to reserve your date/time. Email me the location/date/time you prefer and one alternate in case that is booked!



These are great for the early birds of the season, before daylight savings ends. Tuesday evening sessions are incredibly popular and book up first! $250 retainer, includes 30 minutes of mini-session time at the following times/locations only. You get an edited gallery of approximately 15 images, which will be yours to download and enjoy and print on your own, or I am happy to help you print some special artwork a la carte at the end!  Weather back up dates will be Thursday that same week, weather permitting.


TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH | Winthrop Town Center | 6:30, 7:00pm BOOKED

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26TH | Medard Park | Plant City | 5:50 or 6:20pm BOOKED

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3rd | Waterworks Park | Tampa | 6:15 or 6:45 pm BOOKED

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17th | Davis Island Marina area | Tampa | 6:00 or 6:30 pm BOOKED

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24th | Davis Island Marina area | Tampa | 5:30 or 6:00  BOOKED




For weekend dates you may select from the two package options.

  • The petite package is $200 and includes twenty minutes of session time, a gallery of 15 artistically edited images, and you chose your favorite five to keep the digital negatives of. These five images you will be able to download and print for personal use (cards, prints, etc). If you decide you want to download all the images after your session is complete, you may do so for $150 more. Or, you can save $25 by purchasing the full package up front but the discounted price below will not apply after your session date  (see the full package below).
  • The full package is $325. This includes thirty minutes of session time, a gallery of at least 15 artistically edited images, and you will receive the download pin to all the images at the time your gallery is sent. You maintain the digital negatives to the gallery and personal printing rights.

SATURDAY, September 23rd | Apollo Beach Nature Preserve | 6:30 pm or 7:00 pm BOOKED

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7th, evening | Redington Beach | 5:00pm, 5:30 pm, 6:00pm or 6:30pm BOOKED

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21st, morning | Lettuce Lake Park Tampa | 8am, 8:30am, 9am, or 9:30

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21st, evening | Cypress Point Park/Beach Tampa | 5:30pm, 6pm, or 6:30pm BOOKED

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4th, evening | Medard Park Plant City | 3:30pm, 4:00pm, 4:45pm  5:20 pm BOOKED

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5th, evening |  Riverview | 3:30pm 4:00pm, 4:30pm, 5pm BOOKED

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11th, morning | University of Tampa | 8am, 8:30am, 9am, or 9:30am  BOOKED

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11th, evening | Redington Beach |  4pm, 4:30 or 5pm, BOOKED



These are CHRISTMAS themed sessions in the studio (at The Community Roots Collective in Tampa).

 SLOTS: 9:30 am, 10am  10:30am, 11am, 11:30am.

Recommended for children or small families only due to the size of the bed/studio space set up.

Choose from one of the two weekend package options!


Moreover, other important booking details to consider. Payment is due at the time of booking and once electronic bookings are sent, you will have two days to complete your booking in order to secure you preferred limited edition holiday session. Also, due to the limited time frame of the mini-session, family units are for one family only, not combined with cousins, extended families, or grandparents, etc. Mini-sessions are recommended for families of five or less, but if you have more in your immediate family, of course you are welcome to book, just note the full family session may allow more vareity of images and selection in your gallery. Also, these quick sessions are just a taste of custom photography, and are not for everyone. If your child takes a while to warm up, or you have small babies, you may be better booking a session with more time. Questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


Apollo Beach Photographer: Celebrating Seven

Apollo Beach Photographer

Celebrating Seven | A Lifestyle Photo Session

As an Apollo Beach photographer, I love seeing kids come back to me for another birthday session. I met this lovely family shortly after they moved to Florida and we had the best time documenting their move with a birthday session on the beach. That session is still a favorite beach session of mine, with all that light early morning on the beach. Want to see more from that Little Harbor photo session? Click HERE.

This time around, we shot right in lovely Apollo Beach. Again, the morning light was again so much fun to capture. July can be so rainy, so this is one time of year I definitely offer more morning sessions. The light is definitely so different in the morning, but I loved the bright sunshine. It really was as bright as this little one’s smile. It sure was hot, but after all the rain we have been having, thankfully, we were not wet!  As an Apollo Beach photographer, I love being close to the bay, the canals, and just the laid back vibe of Apollo Beach. It is truly a sleepy little town that is so close to the hustle and busle of Tampa if you want to get to a city quickly.


I am setting up a mini-session date in Apollo Beach for the holidays this year, too. Be sure to check back next week for holiday mini session details!


This smiles with it’s gaps from missing teeth makes me so happy, it is so indicative of being seven. Last year, those teeth were all baby teeth, and this year, well, she is certainly growing up. What a gorgeous and sweet girl! I am so glad to have documented her birthday again this year!
apollo beach photographer, brooke hamilton photography, birthday pictures tampaOf course her teddy bear had to make an appearance again this year. I love her sweet interaction with her dear loved stuffy. Her bear even wore her necklace for a few shots.
apollo beach photographer, brooke hamilton photography, birthday pictures tampaapollo beach photographer, brooke hamilton photography, birthday pictures tampaapollo beach photographer, brooke hamilton photography, birthday pictures tampa

Don’t forget to check for the newsletter next week Monday and see what the Tampa holiday mini sessions are going to be like this year! Or, if you have a little one with a birthday milestone coming up, now is a great time to schedule your session!


Boca Grande Family Vacation Photos

Boca Grande Family Vacation Photos

If you are heading to Boca Grande, or the Gasparilla Inn or other VRBO spots on the island, contact me for your Boca Grande family vacation photos, please! It is so gorgeous and quiet there in the summer, I could photograph there all day long! I may need to convince my hubby for a getaway there soon!


Returning clients who come to me for full sessions are extra special to me. I get to tell their whole story. Something I just can’t accomplish fully in a shorter mini-session. We have time to play. It also allows time for kids to relax more. The play and fun the extra time of a full family session provides, are what I am all about! This lovely family has made the trek to Boca Grande for years, and the last two years, I have been lucky enough to photograph their story while they are there. We were super worried we were not going to get a session in with all the rain this past June, but we braved it and the result is a moody, and gorgeous backdrop for their family portraits.


Before our session we hit the “town” and by town, I mean one or two streets of shops and restaurants.  I said it was quiet on Boca Grande, right? While scoping out the town, I spotted this fun teal door that really worked with their beach perfect attire. How I love it when clients ask for help with planning their outfits so I knew what they were wearing beforehand anyway.  Their outfits looked so perfect together, especially at the beach. The patterns and different textures are still serene to go with the gorgeous Boca Grande beach scenery, but also vibrant enough to stand out in the sand and surf.


I know the last trip was full of sunshine, but this beach session will look completely different, not only because of the weather, but gosh, these two kids have grown. Check out our last session HERE, and view more of their session on the slideshow as well!

tampa family photographer, boca grande family vacation photos,

Boca Grande {2017} from Hamilton Creek Photography on Vimeo.

I am pretty sure sibling photos cuter than this would be hard to come by. I mean, are they not the cutest? tampa family photographer, boca grande family vacation photos,tampa family photographer, boca grande family vacation photos,This shot to me is childhood and family vacations on the beach, free, and full of love!tampa family photographer, boca grande family vacation photos,

One of the last shots before their dad asked if I thought it was about to rain…yup, sure did! It was worth it to get soaked at the end! Another sweet end to a family vacation with priceless family memories!


Fishhawk Ranch Baby Photographer: Simple Newborn Pictures

Fishhawk Ranch Baby Photographer

Simple Newborn Pictures with Hamilton Creek Photography

I love being a Fishhawk Ranch baby photographer. I was so excited for this newborn session in the midst of the latest baby boom. Especially excited for this session as this family is a long time Hamilton Creek Photography family. I loved being their when big brother A welcomed his first baby brother, then again when the next baby brother came (although I was in Australia when he was born, so I missed out on his newborn photos), and again when baby number four was born. I love that they waited to find out the gender! It is always a bit more fun finding out when they make their grand debut!

This mama is so stunning. So calm, so relaxed, and so perfect for motherhood. Dad is just as chill and laid back! They are so easy to photograph. They have a very simple, understated palette in their home and kept their clothing for their newborn pictures just as simple and beautiful. There is a timelessness to the neutral palette. I definitely recommend neutrals to make your clothing secondary to the photos, and you and your family the main focus! The mama understands how textures photograph so beautifully and you don’t need color to stand out.  Plus, her love of black and white photos rivals my own love, and everything looks amazing in black and white with that added texture, too. Don’t you agree?

See more of this little guy here in a video film fusion slideshow!

Fishhawk ranch baby photographer, newborn pictures tampa, tampa family photographer

These four boys are so unique, so sweet, and so much fun to hang with and photograph!  Fishhawk ranch baby photographer, newborn pictures tampa, tampa family photographerFishhawk ranch baby photographer, newborn pictures tampa, tampa family photographerFishhawk ranch baby photographer, newborn pictures tampa, tampa family photographer

Can we just talk about his sweet hair for a second, too. Oh my gosh! I love his hair and can’t wait to see which brother he favors in looks and personality as he grows! If you are here for this sweet family, leave a comment below to help them get a gift print on me!


Want to talk about your own in-home family or lifestyle newborn session? I am happy to talk! I am not taking babies for August 2017 and beyond. Email me at Brooke@HamiltonCreekPhotography.com.



Lakeland Newborn Pictures: in-home family photos

Lakeland Newborn Pictures

In-home family photos

Want to see some Lakeland newborn pictures?  This family may look familiar if you have been following me and the blog for a while. I loved meeting their newest baby girl a couple of weeks ago. I first met this Lakeland family when their first baby girl was about a month old and we did her newborn session. Then came their adorable and fiesty middle sister, and now, I was there in Lakeland for for this sweet baby girl’s newborn pictures, too.

I am so glad I was able to get a few pictures of the girls all together. Sometimes, making room for a new baby is hard on the “old” baby of the family during those first few days. Actually, it is more like, it is always hard to realize you are no longer the baby of the family, am I right?

This baby girl was so happy in her “nest” set up, as her big sister called it. She loved that I brough the nest so her newest baby sister could be in the nest, too. Just like her other sister! I love that she remembers that, or at least has the pictures on her wall to help remind her of that. It is clear all of these girls are just as beautiful. I love that they all look so similar at birth, too! Here is a link back to the last maternity and newborn session I did with this sweet Lakeland family.

Lakeland newborn pictures, baby photographer tampa, tampa newborn photographerLakeland newborn pictures, baby photographer tampa, tampa newborn photographerLakeland newborn pictures, baby photographer tampa, tampa newborn photographerLakeland newborn pictures, baby photographer tampa, tampa newborn photographerLakeland newborn pictures, baby photographer tampa, tampa newborn photographerLakeland newborn pictures, baby photographer tampa, tampa newborn photographer

I love to take a few clips while baby is sleeping at the newborn sessions, too. There is just something so special about moving films and watching baby sleep. It also gives a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at what a typical newborn photo session with Hamilton Creek Photography looks and sounds like!


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