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Newborn Photography Tampa: Twin Baby Pictures

Tampa In Home Newborn Photos

Newborn photography Tampa, yes please! One of my favorite parts of my jobs is meeting new parents around Tampa. I particularly love when I get to photographrically document twins, being a twin mama myself. I loved meeting these two guys a few weeks after they arrived. Their mama barely looks like she gave birth, let alone gave birth as a super mama of twins! The best part of my job is keeping things simple for my clients and offering in home newborn photos around Tampa Bay. I love that it is a more relaxed environment for everyone. Plus, with their amazing views off their balcony reflected in their sliding doors, it was truly a Tampa newborn photo session with the city reflected. And let’s not forget those clouds that were just perfect additions to the reflection.

These identical twin boys were already over three weeks old when we did their session. They were also full term twins, and just as happy and healthy as they are adorable. How amazing! We captured them alone. Then, together and I think it is clear to see they were happiest in their basket together. I love starting sessions getting awake babies to sleep after being wrapped up snug as bugs in a rug. Then, letting them gently settle into poses on their own. Unwrapping newborn babies so we can see more of their little features and details is so telling. They not only get to relax into poses on their own, but I think some of their personalities come out too. Make sure you play the video fusion below so you can not only see them snuggle in together, but hear their sweet baby noises, too.

Congrats again D&J on the arrivale of L&L! If you are here for this darling family, make sure you comment below. You can help them get a gift 8×10 print from me!



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What to Wear Wednesday: Tampa Family Photo Sessions

What to wear Tampa Family Photo Sessions


Every fall, every photographer I know gets busier and busier as the weeks before Christmas get closer and closer. Well, don’t wait until the last minute to update your family photo this year! You can start now. Yes, it may be hot out now, but that shouldn’t stop you from planning for a family photo session soon. I know I love to update my own family photo every year. Tampa family photo sessions are my favorite part of the year mostly because I get to see so many familiar faces every year! There is still some space for this year’s mini-sessions, so read more about that HERE.


I am betting next year our own kids may be the same height as me! I know their feet will be bigger than mine. Shoot, I can still remember trying to wrangle two year old twins for photo sessions and stressing so much! With this “what to wear Wednesday” blog post about Tampa family photo sessions, hopefully you will get a few simple things can make your pictures go smoother for you. I don’t want you to stress about these photos. This should be fun for everyone. Especially as the end of the year tends to get just as busy for families, too!


When planning my family photos here are a few things that I think of. First, what location am I thinking of doing my photos at this year? Do I want somewhere new? Somewhere we have not done photos at yet? Or, do we want to go somewhere that was a favorite location from years past?


I mean, with ten year olds, we have done photos all over Tampa Bay already. Even the same location can look different each year with lighting not alway being the same. For example, Apollo Beach is where did our photos last year. It was gorgeous, but it was super cloudy and moody. I will definitely want to go back there at some point because in the sunshine it is such a different location look. However, my own husband was much more vocal where we did our session this year. He was adamant that we NOT do the beach this year. So I let him pick a new location for us. We are heading to downtown Tampa for a more urban city look.


Once I had a location in mind, I decided a color scheme based on an outfit I found for myself at Lucky Brand this year. I pulled a few shirts from the boys closets that work well with the blouse I picked out. They don’t match. They aren’t even complementary colors, but they work well with the red because the red is a red-blue shade. So I am pulling some blues into the scheme.


Then, I made sure I had enough visual interest with adding a couple of patterns. I am leaving the final pant decision for the kiddos until we get closer. That is because the weather could still be 90 degrees in early October, or it could be a fluke cooler temperature. Fingers crossed for the latter. My husband is pretty easy, he can put on a solid polo and jeans or a button down shirt if it is cooler. It really doesn’t have to be a big production of everyone getting something new and matching.


Of course, as kids do, the boys grew a ton this summer, so I picked up a few staple shirts that are a bit more than their basic t-shirts at the beginning of the school year. Letting them pick a few favorite new items helps them be more excited to get dressed for photos the day of, too. Giving them too many options can backfire when they pick something totally not complementary to what you are wearing. But, it also gives a great story years from now if they HAD to wear the outfit they wore. So don’t stress too much!


I never did blog all theTampa family photo sessions I did last year. I loved so many of them, but so many families want to use their photos for their Christmas cards. So I tend to hold off sharing too many family photos at that time of year. So instead, I will share a few family sessions that really highlight how clothing can really add to your family photos. Clothing doesn’t have to be the biggest part of your photo though. Remember your family, your story, your connections and your love, or maybe your crazy will come out no matter what you are wearing. But, to add to your story beautifully, you can add clothing choices that add to your images not take away from the love you share!


Lastly, this year I have pinned a ton of ideas from current stores that I love to shop at!  They are all in one convenient location on my Pinterest Board for fall 2018. I pinned clothing ideas for all sorts of ages and both genders. Maybe seeing something will get your own ideas going for your fall family photo plans! Check out the board here – https://www.pinterest.com/HamiltonCreek/what-to-wear-families/fall-2018/.


Here are a few family photo sessions with varied clothing options and backgrounds. This one below works because there is a ton of texture, all the fabrics are different materials (if you look closely we even had an outfit change or two…with layers added or taken away and even a whole dress change). They don’t match completely, and every detail is looked at from shoes, to hair, jewelry, and lots of layers!

Tampa family photo sessions, tampa holiday photos, mini sessions tampa

This beach session is one of my favorites. I love that the sisters match. That definitely kept things simple for this family. But there is still texture from the different materials. The mom’s dress is floral which I am a total sucker for. I even did a floral dress for my last motherhood session with my boys. It is a great way to add a pattern easily and keep everyone else in solids with different textures. From the soft tanks, to dad’s more stiff shirt material and then the tulle on the skirts, it all adds visual interest in different textures without adding patterns.
Tampa family photo sessions, tampa holiday photos, beach mini sessions tampa


Another family that coordinated really well, and kept it simple with a couple colors, blue, maroon and touches of cream/khaki. It helped that the location had tones of blues and maroon as well to really just add to their images instead of clashing against them!Tampa family photo sessions, tampa holiday photos, mini sessions tampa

Another fall family that fits in perfectly with the setting is shown below. This is at Lettuce Lake Park which gets amazing morning light. I still have a couple spots left at this mini-session location this year – read more on the blog – http://hamiltoncreekphotography.com/tampa-holiday-mini-sessions-2018/. The blues and reds with gray this time works in this lush green setting. Especially with layers that again you can take off and change out quickly for a totally different look. 
Tampa family photo sessions, tampa holiday photos, mini sessions tampa

Contact me today if you want to snag one of the last Tampa mini-session spots I still have open. Email Brooke@HamiltonCreekPhotography.com or use the contact form above.

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Tampa Holiday Mini Sessions 2018

Limited Edition Minis Tampa Family Photos 2018

Tampa families, the time has come to get cozy, get snuggly, and get camera ready! Let’s plan the best limited edition minis yet! Hamilton Creek Photography has released it’s Tampa holiday mini sessions 2018 to clients first, and now they are open for everyone!


Tampa holiday mini sessions, family photographer tampa

WEEKDAY Evening Mini Sessions

The weekday options are great for the early birds of the season, before daylight savings ends, I will be offering a few evening sessions. These are incredibly popular and book up first! $250 retainer includes 30 minutes of mini-session time at the following times/locations only. You get an edited gallery of approximately 15 images, which will be yours to download and enjoy and print on your own (up to an 11×14 size), within two weeks of your session date. Or I am happy to help you print some special artwork a la carte at the end!


  • Tuesday, evening September 18th @ Winthrop Town Center | Riverview | 6:15 or 6:45 pm BOOKED
  • Tuesday evening, October 2nd @Waterworks Park | Tampa | 6:15 or 6:45 pm BOOKED
  • Thursday evening, October 4th, @ Medard Park | Plant City | 5:30 or 6pm BOOKED
  • Tuesday evening October 9th @ Davis Island Marina | Tampa | 6:00 or 6:30 pm BOOKED
  • Monday evening, October 15th @ Davis Island Marina area | Tampa | 6:00pm or 6:30 pm BOOKED
  • Tuesday evening, October 16th @ Davis Island Marina area | Tampa | 6:00 or 6:30 pm BOOKED
  • Thursday evening October 18th @ Swann Circle Park | Tampa 5:30 pm or 6:00 pm BOOKED
  • Tuesday evening, October 23rd @ Harbour Island Marina | Tampa | 6:00 or 6:30 pm BOOKED


WEEKEND Mini-Sessions

$200 retainer includes twenty minutes of session time on location at the specified locations below. Then, within two weeks, you will get to proof an online gallery of the 15 best images. You then chose your favorite five images you want to download and keep the medium resolution digital negatives of. These five images you will be able to download and print for personal use (cards, prints, etc) up to an 11×14 size. If you decide you want all of your gallery images, you may purchase additional items a la carte after your session for print, or choose to download the full resolution images after your session is complete, you may do so for $150 more.

  • Saturday evening, September 29th, Apollo Beach, 6:30pm or 7:00pm BOOKED
  • Saturday, October 6th, morning Armature Works Tampa | 8am, 8:30am, or 9am BOOKED
  • Saturday, October 6th, evening Sand Key Beach | 5:45pm, 6:15pm, or 6:45pm BOOKED
  • Saturday, October 20th, morning Lettuce Lake Park Tampa |   9 am, or 9:30 am BOOKED
  • Saturday, October 20th, evening Redington Long Pier* | 5:30pm, 6 pm, or 6:30pm BOOKED
  • Saturday, November 3rd, morning Ybor City Tampa | 8am, 8:30 am, 9 am, or 9:30 am BOOKED
  • Saturday, November 10th, morning University of Tampa | 8 am8:30 am9 am,or 9:30 am BOOKED
  • Saturday, November 10th, evening Redington Long Pier | 4 pm, 4:30 pm or 5 pm BOOKED

The back up date for each weekend will be tentatively set for Sunday at the same time/same location if we need to reschedule due to weather, except 10/21.

*(please note, if red tide is still an issue, we will move to another non-beach location)

Ready to book? I hope so & can’t wait to see you, email Brooke@HamiltonCreekPhotography.com to reserve your date/time. Email me the location/date/time you prefer and one alternate in case that is booked! I will update the available slots daily. If your preferred time is crossed out then it is requested, or booked. Although, you can always check to see if anything has opened when you email me. I always recommend a back update and time just in case!


Holiday Full Session Special

This year, I would love to tell your family’s story in a new way! This year, a Saturday session set up in your home November 24th  & I have three special packages.

This could be a great way to document how your family celebrates the holidays! Whether you are putting the finishing touches on your Christmas tree, making holiday cookies together, celebrating baby’s first Christmas, or maybe you just want to wear matching family jammies in the comfort of your own home for the holidays, why not let me document you in your space? This is also perfect for families who children take more time to warm up, or are more confident in their home surroundings. This can also be totally non-holiday themed. If you are looking to do any outdoor photos, you must specify that at booking to ensure the best time for your home.

There will be no more than three sessions each day, first come, first served. The discounted packages are detailed below. All other items may be purchased a la carte. Half of the retainer is due at booking, with the final payment due two weeks before your session date.


Package One – the Stocking Stuffer – 45 minutes on location, thirty edited images, you pick your favorite ten images to download as digital negatives, $350.


Package Two – Joy to the World – one hour on location, thirty edited images, you pick your favorite ten images to download as digital negatives and three linen cover mini-accordion brag book albums, $400 plus tax.


Package Three – Santa’s Sleigh, one hour on location, thirty edited images, download your entire digital gallery with personal printing rights, one 20×30 canvas, $500 plus tax.





For our Tampa holiday mini sessions 2018, as always, I recommend mini-sessions for those whose children don’t take long to warm up.  Newborn babies at mini-sessions is also a bit tough as they sometimes can have unpredictable sleep and feeding schedule. No pets please, as I find they often need more time and care and do better in the full session environment. The Tampa holiday mini sessions are also for one family unit at a time. Please, no extended families or additional generations. If you have questions about that, please don’t hesitate to ask!  Payment in full is due at booking to secure your spot, except teh full session specials, those are broken into two equal payments. The first payment at booking & the second payment two weeks before the session date. If payment has not be received and bookings are not completed within the two day window, your time slot will automatically be opened to the next in line. Also, the sessions are going to focus on family pictures first. If time allows, we can try to do individual portraits and siblings. However, the majority of the limited time frame will be spent on family connections first and foremost. If you want more groupings and time, please contact me for full family session pricing or check out these very limited in-home options below.


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Tampa Photo Locations: Family Pictures Armature Works

Family Photos at Armature Works Tampa

I love exploring new Tampa photo locations. This location is a fun option for families that may want an indoor option for their family photos this year. Armature Works is not only one of my favorite places to grab lunch but also one of the most stylish places to hang. Clearly, the photo ops are many! Family pictures Armature works are on the holiday schedule this year, too!


I loved meeting this gorgeous family there one morning to make sure this spot would work for an option this fall for family photos in Tampa. It helped that this is a fellow photographer, because she got the vibe I was going for immediately. Obviously, their outfits were a perfect match for this awesome photo spot in Tampa! Check out Michelle’s beautiful work here – https://www.michelleluttmann.com/.


This is also a good look into what a mini-session may look like for your family this year. Lots of yummy family snuggles, tickles, giggles, and real family moments captured. Yes, maybe one or two family “card” photos, as well. However, for the most part, it is about your connections, not being “picture perfect” in my book. The only difference is since this adorable little guy’s mama is an awesome photographer, I didn’t capture him on his own as much as I will try to with your kiddos. I did capture his many faces and expressive eyes with his parents though. Oh my lanta. Such a sweet boy! Family mini-sessions will still be all about family, so there will be plenty of family images to choose from.

Are you are interested in hearing more about the fall sessi, drop me a line using the “contact’ button above, or email me at Brooke@HamiltonCreekPhotography.com.

I mean, who doesn’t want nose-crinkling smooshy pictures this year? I know I do!

Family Pictures Armature Works, tampa holiday photosfamily pictures armature works, tampa holiday photosfamily pictures armature works, tampa holiday photos


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Riverview Newborn Pictures: In Home Session with Baby E

Simple Newborn Photo Session: Riverview, FL

How adorable is this family? I loved meeting their newest addition, Baby E, who looks almost identical to her beautiful big sister. We did their Riverview newborn pictures comfortably in their home. To me, this always makes it so much easier for the family. Little E slept pretty soundly the entire time but did open her big lovely wide eyes right at the end when her sister laid next to her. I cannot tell you how much I adore capturing siblings with “their” newborns. I just love how each one reacts to becoming a big sister or brother differently. Being able to capture it all is so fun! I also love to do these types of introductions to siblings in the hospital. If you are expecting and want to set up a “fresh 48” session with your family those first few hours after baby arrives, or the day after they arrive and are looking so “fresh” I would love to capture that for your family, too!

Here are a few favorite images from our simple newborn photo session. I love mixing gentle newborn photography poses and the family’s story of real moments and simple family poses as well. These Riverview newborn pictures are no different. Baby E looked lovely in the soft pinks and my favorite round baskets fit her perfectly, too! But, she looked just as perfect in the best spot for a newborn, her parent’s arms! t was hard to narrow my favorites down down, but I did my best!  Thanks so much to this family for letting me document baby E’s first few days! I can’t wait to watch her grow!!Riverview Newborn Pictures, lifestyle newborn photographyRiverview newborn pictures, baby pictures tampaRiverview Newborn Pictures, lifestyle newborn photography

I love seeing how big sister was so sweet and gentle with her baby sister. She still had a ton of personality to show off being almost two years old as well! These are the moments we forget so quickly, so I am glad I was there to document them!Riverview Newborn Pictures, lifestyle newborn photographyRiverview newborn pictures, baby pictures tampaThese cheeks! Am I right?Riverview newborn pictures, baby pictures tampa

Riverview newborn pictures, baby pictures tampa

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