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Riverview Corporate Head Shots – Or, not-so-corporate head shots

Riverview Corporate Head Shots

Winthrop Town Center Business Spotlight

I would say corporate is not my usual thing, but I have done many head shots, and while I will never give up chasing toddlers or making families relax and have fun in front of the camera, I definitely do love working with adults and helping businesses and business people create a stunning image that helps build their brand and put their best faces forward.   These special sisters are in business together and I am humbled by them and their talents with helping children to adults with speech and language an certainly beyond! Check out more information at  http://www.aaspeechandlanguage.com/ The business is in my favorite town center, where I go often for coffee and everyday shopping. They are still in the process of launching a new look to their site with some of these images, but I had to share a few of my favorites.  They were so wonderful to work with, especially with style like theirs and the gorgeous setting we choose.  I was happy when they said they did not want the traditional headshot, but something more fun and I think we definitely got a more interesting look doing their session this way. Enjoy!



Nicki - Beautiful shots. Just wondering where this shoot took place. I’m always looking for new locations and this one is great!

Brooke Hamilton - Thanks, Nicki! I understand, it is always wonderful to find great locations that photograph this lovely! The country road is right around the corner from Winthrop Town Center. Email me if you want more details 🙂

Phoebe - Awesome Smiles!!

Alicia - Love your work so much! We had so much fun with you and can’t wait to book another session 😉 Every image is beautiful and we can’t stop looking at them! We can’t thank you enough!!

Tampa Bay Senior Portraits – Ybor City Class of 2014

As a mom two two young men who just started kindergarten, it does start to freak me out when I see other moms getting ready to send their son’s to start their senior year.  This lovely family I met last year and I was so happy when they asked me to help document T’s senior year in pictures.  We met on a quiet night in Ybor City last week.  Amazingly, we were able to capture the trolley car going by without a ton of traffic or people walking the street.  The culture and history of Ybor city, just lends itself so nicely to a backdrop for unique senior pictures.  I hope his family enjoys the images for years to come and T can look back and remember his senior year fondly!  I love that he brought a piece of his home town into the shoot as well with his St. Louis jersey! If you are here for the W family, please leave them some love below with a comment so they can earn a gift print of the session! I am still offering senior portrait packages for 2014 as well, so if you want something fun, on-locaiton around Tampa Bay, I would love to do another session soon! Mention this blog post and receive a $20 print credit on your senior session when you book! ~Brooke


Linda - Thanks Brooke! I love them!!! Now the hard part for me…choosing. You ROCK!

Michelle (Chitwood) Thomas - Great prints! What a handsome fella!

Amy Perry - What a kid & what great photos!

Wendi - Love the jersey! Awesome pics.

Tracey B - These are AWESOME!!!

Kris - Wonderful pictures of a wonderful young man!

Michelle - Awe, look at my handsome nephew! Great photos! Go Birds!

Jen Durbin - He looks so much like his dad. 🙂 These are great photos! Don’t envy you guys the task of having to choose between them!

Dawn Tolbert - Wow senior pictures have come a long way. Great session. Awesome pictures!!

Jolene H - Great pictures! The W children always photograph beautifully!

Donna C. - Handsome photos!

Ginnie Skaggs - Love the Cardinal Jersey. Great Pictures!

Shellie - Great pics! Have a great yr Tony! Enjoy your self

Laura Mankowski - Awesome pics! Linda Shuman Weiss has done very well for herself and family:) Good looking son! Can’t believe he and my daughter are seniors…WHOA!

love from Pittsburgh

Mindy - These are great!

Kim - Hard to believe the little teeny tiny baby with the crazy head FULL of blonde hair I remember waiting in the waiting room to meet is now this big handsome SENIOR!

Cynthia Dearing - Beyond awesome pictures!

Judy Schmidt - Very nice!!! Such a handsome boy

Laura - Great pics!! Thank you for sharing them! Miss seeing you and your family. Love those Cardinals and their fan(s) 🙂

Laura V. - Love the Cardinal’s jersey. I can’t believe that cute little 2nd grader I had so long ago is graduating. I miss all of you.

Dawn Elder - Awesome pics!!! Linda-you must be SO proud 😉

St. Petersburg Milestone Photographer – Happy 2nd Birthday Z!

This little sweetie is about to turn two.  Those eyes slay me.  She may not have been wanting to give a ton of smiles this particular morning, but I thinks we created some memories of true love with her parents.  The smiles and true looks of inquiry of a two year old are pretty precious. The family really looked great with their outfits, a great what-to-wear example for family photos, and the sun did not disappoint us on this sunny Monday morning in St. Petersburg.  Their outfit colors and the sunshine scream Florida summer birthday! I hope she has an awesome owl birthday party next month, too! If you are here for this adorable and stylish family, please leave them love below in a comment, and help them earn a gift print! I know grandma is super excited to see these photos, what an amazing birthday present she gives Z every year with a photo session! ~Brooke


Amanda Blair - These pictures are amazing. Truly love this family. Jonna has been my best friend for years and we had the pleasure of being best friends and pregnant together and seeing our babies grow up together. Wonderful job!

Kristen Barber - This is my sister Jonna and my niece Zoeand these photos are amazing! I love the faces Zoe makes, she def has her own little personality. Beautiful family, beautiful photos.

Diana - Brooke as always you did an awesome job! Beautiful Picture, perfect location 🙂 This family is adorable and Zoe is so cute. I know Betty is in tears!

felina davis - My great grandaughter looks like an angel! Jonna and my grandson look good too…haha. You did a wonderful job with these photos!

Jim Davis - Beautiful pictures! I can’t believe Zoe is going to be two already…she looks beautiful!

Brittney - Beautiful picture, Love the colors!!!!

Susan Davis - Precious family 🙂

Charlotte - Lovely pics!!!

Mary Miller - Lovely photos

Savannah Hernandez - Love the pictures!!!!

Quincy ford - nice pics of this family

Lucy - Amazing photos!!!

Tampa Family Photographer – Curtis Hixon Park Portraits

Tampa Family Photographer

Curtis Hixon Park Downtown Tampa, Family & Children Portrait Session

These little ones are about the same age as my boys, also identical twins, and also just started kindergarten last week.  I met them last year around the same time to document their fourth birthday and it always amazes me how quickly a year goes by!  They are still as fun and funny as ever.  I think they may have as much energy as my boys, too! I love how different they are, and how apparent the differences are every time I photograph them.  Miss M loves pink and princesses, while Miss A is sillier and loves superheroes, which I think is extra awesome! We had good fun discussing Wonder Woman and of course, since I too love pink we had fun discussing the importance of pink!  I think my favorite photos of the session are those with mom, since as a twin mom I am rarely in photos, and it was so evident how much mom adores these girls and how much they love her, too! Dad, well, I think they get their sillies from him, he was making just as many faces as the girls, but we managed a few with straight smiles! If you are here for this gorgeous family, please leave a note below so they earn a gift print from me! Thanks for stopping!


Jayne Miller - Great job-these are beautiful!

Carrie - These pics are GORGEOUS! Beautiful subjects and beautiful photography. Love the acrobatics in the grass, and the holding hands- so sweet. I am here for them! (But can’t believe I’m related to these models!)

Ashley - I adore those black and whites!!

Riverview Newborn Photographer – Meet Baby H

Riverview Newborn Photographer & Lifestyle Family Photographer

This family waited to be surprised to find out if their little one was a boy or a girl and I have to say, I always admire parents who can wait.  They definitely got a surprise since they were sure they were getting a little boy, but little H is about the most beautiful little girl I have even seen.  Her family is gorgeous, so that is no surprise.  Seriously, Mommy was still glowing and looked amazing for giving birth just over a week earlier!! If you have been following my photography, you have seen a growth to more lifestyle photography. I love to tell the whole story through pictures, not just the perfect poses, but the real moments, the looks moms give their first borns, the love oozing from Daddy and those honest moments of love for each other and their new definition of “family.”  Of course, with so many great handmade hats made by her Aunt, she also did great with her custom newborn posed photographs as well. Enjoy the photos and if you are here for this family, thank you for stopping, please leave a comment below to help them earn a gift print on me! ~ Brooke


Alyssa Playford - I have to agree with you that my new niece, although a surprise being the 3rd girl in over 60 years of Playford boys, she is just amazing 🙂 your pictures are beautiful!

Ashley - How gorgeous!