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Coquina Beach Family Photos: Summer Beach Session

Usually I would say “heck no” to a summer beach session, but this year with Covid-19 interrupting everything, we had to push this session until non-essential businesses could return. So to the beach we went! Honestly, it was one of my favorite beach sessions ever. Sure, I was wearing a mask for over an hour on a beach in Florida in summer, but it felt so good to be back to capturing family photos. Coquina Beach for family photos, yup, is one of my favorite spots to photograph families at the beach.

Why is it a favorite? Well, first to make it easy on clients, there are plenty of parking spaces. Plus, the Australian Pines that line the beach access are also fun for some pre-beach portraits. That is if we can get the kids to want to take photos. The temptation of playing in the sand is strong for little ones. I can’t blame them. I just want to play and hang at the beach, too. But, between the play, there are magical moments. Just relax, and let the kids run the show! The few minutes before we hit the beach usually means just a tad less distraction of water and sand play though!

Their fun pops of red also worked well with the greenery of the pines, palms and sea grapes, too. If you are looking for ideas for your next beach session, these colors definitely work for a summer feel. I have a link to my Pinterest board specific for beach wardrobe ideas for your family beach photos session HERE.

beach family photos

As much as I love a colorful beach shoot, there is just something about moments in black and white that gets my heart. The light and high contrast just works so well in black and white storytelling images.

famliy beach

Give me all the quiet moments in between. They show the love you feel and have for each other more than just about anything else I could do.

mother and son at beach
family photos at the beach, tampa family photographer
family snuggles on beach
boy playing on beach
boy playing on beach

So T family, I wish you well as you get ready to leave Florida and hope you always remember these beach, sun soaked moments. Remember how much fun these boys had on this particular night. In the midst of a pandemic, there was still joy and love. How wonderful to have a large family canvas to commemerate your Coquina Beach family photo session as well! Best of luck on the move!

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