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Davis Island Lifestyle Family Photo Session

This Davis Island family photo session was so sweet. This family is such a joy to photograph. They love each other so clearly. That joy and happiness comes through in the images, right? Davis Island for family photos is always a fun spot to be free, without being too overwhelmed with lots of other families. The beaches on the Gulf of Mexico are often overrun with people. You know, people in bathing suits and fishing gear, etc, but at this quiet little beach, there are rarely many people. Sometimes more people than others, but generally, they aren’t overwhelming the backdrops. Instead, you get sailboats and glimpses of the city of Tampa.

I love that mom was wanting to dress up, outside her normaly mom-wear. She had this gorgeous dress she felt beautiful in and it really did work for this family’s session. It didn’t stop her from being mom and cuddling in and playing with her sons at all.

That is important when you choose your outfits for your family photos. Feel great and be able to move. I hate sessions where we are all standing in a line the entire time. Movement is such an important part of helping tell each family’s story. The kids were in shorts so they weren’t too hot or constricted either. It all worked together for a unique photo session. I sure love that each of my families I get to photograph get to be themselves. I offer advice and ways to add to their outfits from a professional photographer’s persepctive, but movement, comfortability and your style is always more important than perfect family outfits.

Are you looking for family beach photos? This location is great year round, particularly this winter or spring with cooler weather hopefully coming soon! Cuddling up with sailboats and sunsets behind you really doesn’t get any better. Email me (Brooke@HamiltonCreekPhotography.com) or use the contact button above to set up your session today!

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