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Glitter Pictures: Valentine’s Day Mini

Glitter Pictures

Valentine’s Day Mini Session & Inspiration

I am so glad I decided to have a little fun with Valentine’s Day this year and host a Valentine’s Day mini session. I don’t offer these every year, and since it has been a few years, I decided to do it again and try something new. I knew when I photographed my own kids this past December that having glitter was going to be essential to our Valentine’s Day mini session set up. Glitter pictures are the perfect way to let kids be kids, have fun and let them do what they want. I am sad for kids who are not allowed to play with glitter because of the mess…I am all about the mess. If you didn’t read about my tip in the last glitter session blog post, my only recommendation to cut down on the amount of glitter on your clothing is to wash everything separate from the session. Otherwise, that glitter will travel! Back to this morning session. First, remember that Gap dress I mentioned, well, as soon as this mama saw the dress and the blog post, she not only booked a session, but she bought the dress.  It was a tiny bit big, but her Grammie was able to save the day by stitching the neckline in a bit snugger! We again had overcast skies, which made me sad…I really wanted to play with sunlight and glitter, but that is the way the cookie crumbles some days. I still love how the images turned out and I know from this family, from mom, dad, to “M” herself, they love them, and even her grandma has said she loves them! I have been photographing this spunky girl since she turned two, and yesterday she turned six! How much she has grown and how many pictures from me do they have to document her growth? I don’t even want to add the number of sessions we have had up, but I know it is a LOT. I am so thankful for this kind and funny family! SO if you are here for them, be sure to wish “M” a happy birthday and leave a comment below to help them earn an 8×10 gift print on me! Oh, and the best part, my gift to this family was a few videos from the session put together in a little video fusion slideshow, so check that out, too!

She also lost her first tooth recently, so I am over the moon happy with this gap tooth smile! Even through we did a holiday mini-session together in November, it is crazy how much kids change in kindergarten, am I right????

glitter pictures, valentineglitter pictures, valentineglitter pictures, valentineThis girl sure knows how to throw a fist full of glitter in the air! This is not photoshopped in, this is all her people!!! glitter pictures, valentine



Sheila boddiford - Omg! Grandma absolutely loves these pictures & your awesome creativity! Megan is the joy of our life & we love all your cool pictures! You are amazing with children & how you capture the outdoor nature light! Love the beautiful family picture memories you make! I know my sweet Megan loves having her picture made with you because you always make her feel so happy & relaxed & you make it so much fun!!
Keep up the good work making your magic

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