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Life During Covid-19: Riverview Florida Photographer

Life during Covid-19. I know I don’t have to tell anyone it has been almost a year of living through the hell of Covid-19. March 13th, I remember the date everything started shutting down locally because we were about to jump on an airplane to Scotland. That means I also knew my last Target run date. I was there getting hand sanitizer for the plane the day before we were supposed to leave I have now been back only twice and only because we refreshed our master bedroom. Funny how this year has taught me what is really important. Target and Starbucks were part of my old routine for sure. It seemingly happened over night.

One day on a Target run for more hand sanitizer for the airplane, the next, bam, no travel. Oh, and if you need a virtual getaway, how about purchasing a travel print from my shop – shameless plug to shop small 🙂 https://clients.hamiltoncreekphotography.com/gallery/artwork-for-sale/.

No restaurants. No going to school. It has been almost a year of no hugging friends and family. A year of not traveling anywhere beyond a one day road trip and taking all the crazy precautions you can think of along the way. Well over a year of seeing our Australian family as we were there the summer before we locked in. A year of school at home, no swimming or sports. Athough we tried swim team for a brief few weeks during the summer. the stress of sending two high risk kids to swim team without knowing where all the people they came into contact with had been. It just became too much. So, we are living the new normal. Taking care and holding our breaths until this is a thing of the past.

Now, here is a look back at a year of Covid-19. Here is a picture a month for the past long and strange year. Honestly, we are so lucky. We haven’t lost family. No, we haven’t lost friends. Now, we just have been out of contact and physical touch with them. They are still here. I am so sorry for all the families who have lost loved ones.

Oh, and if you want more inspiration of twin photos after this post, head over to my friend, Bex, at Bex Photo, to see more of our monthly twin loop she blogged over at https://www.bexphoto.com/post/twin-looping-for-a-year.

pre-teen pictures, black and white portraits
pre-covid- just before they turned 12 last year
twins in a blow up hot tub, covid-19 fun
My fave portrait of the boys just as Covid started.
mom and twin sons, self portrait
self portrait of the most real kind for Mother’s Day 2020
dad and twin sons, front porch session covid-10
one of my faves of my three boys
twins on film, ektar 100 film stock
the boys on FILM in Tennessee. A hobby I picked up during our time at home this past year <3
winthrop town center pictures, fun teenage pictures
Back to school 2020 style. Six feet from friends and wearing whatever we want!
boys on the beach, portra 400 film portraits
beach time and beach days are my absolute fave. Another favorite film shot <3
halloween pictures, carving pumpkins with dad
Carving pumpkins together. Thankful they were outgrowing trick-or-treating at this time.
voter pictures, american family
Election day 2020, what.a.year! Right?
waterfall, boys at dry creek waterfall north carolina
Trip to Dry Creel Falls, North Carolina. Icy and cold and soooooo beautiful!
twin portrait, tweenage portraits
The same spot the first photo was taken, and boy on the cusp of 13, looking so much more mature.
identical twin valentine picutres
My funny valentines.

Okay, enough of the grumblings that Covid-19 easily results in. Now, onto the good. Life during Covid-19 honestly, this year “at home” with our almost thirteen year old twins, has also been a blessing. If you know me, I don’t throw that word around. It just is something I can’t describe in any other way. A blessing. Our kids have shown us how resilient they really are. They have forged friendships with each other that they were forced into, but I think has helped them grow stronger. They have had to work on communicating in new ways, using technology, writing letters and emails that they never had time to do before.

Life during Covid-19 has meant walks upon walks upon walks where they talk and talk and talk. They love this time and often say how much they treasure the walks. We allow them to talk about whatever they want. That means I hear a lot about tanks, guns, WWII, and the occasionnal Fortnight strategy as well. We play games, Rummikub has been basically outlawed by our kids after we played so many games.

They occassionally get to see a friend from afar, staying that six feet distance of one alligator, or one cow’s length, or a pool noodle. Bike rides are a great way to social distance together. We are so thankful we can practice responsible recreation and get outside here in Florida. I think we have hit every trail possible around us and in our little Airbnb get aways to remote outdoor places like Signal Mountain in Tennessee, and Clayton, Georgia. These two little get aways have helped with our sanity for sure.

What have you done to keep sane and appreciate the good during this long year of life during Covid-19? Commend below with your favorite activities and idea.

Life During Covid-19

Let’s Talk Activities

For us here are a few of our favorites:

  • Bike rides
  • Cooking & baking, we are almost a year into “Meatless Mondays” and love trying new recipes
  • Board games, Rummikub, Scrabble, Clue, Chess
  • Online games the kids can play with friends & family – Fornight is still huge for them, and Among Us.
  • Reading – oh my gosh, so many books. The boys loved every single book by Alan Gratz. I have loved too many to name but recent faves are Oona Out of Order, and any historical fiction book I can get my hands on – faves include The Nightingale (which should be out in movie form later this year) and The Huntress and The Alice Network, both by Kate Quinn.
  • Hike – just get outside! Our local faves are Alderman Ford Park, Medard Park, Hillsborough River State Park and my personal fave is Fort DeSoto Park and Beach.
  • Clean and organize. Not so much fun doing it, but we feel so much less cluttered after this year. Plus, we were able to donate a bunch of stuff to those in need.
  • Chat via Zoom, Instagram Messenger, Clubhouse, Messenger Kids, Facetime,Houseparty, whatever works for you! Saving grace for staying in touch with friends near and far. Also, great for making new communities of friends. My photography friends around the world have been a life line for sanity this way!
  • Make lists of what to do “after” Covid. High on our kids’ list is go-karting and paint ball. Oh, and of course getting to see family in Australia. I have a feeling we will be staying a summer there when we next can!
  • Need more ideas – this web site has lots of little ideas for keeping busy – https://rochester.kidsoutandabout.com/content/250-creative-ways-keep-your-family-sane-during-covid-19-crisis.

Speaking of connections with friends any way you can, check out why you may want to join in on Instagram loops with This Detailed Life – https://www.thisdetailedlife.com/post/loopy-loops-what-are-instagram-loops-and-why-should-you-join-one. This has kept me on track for posting on Instagram when many days I don’t feel inspired or up to posting. Having an accountability and creative outlet has definitely helped me keep my sanity this year, too! Life during Covid-19 doesn’t have to be all bad, get out there and be the good!

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