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Lifestyle Photographer: Twelve by Twelve Blog Circle

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Twelve by Twelve Blog Circle

Another month has flown by and it is time for my monthly installment of the Twelve by Twelve project. I love being able to document our days with lifestyle photography. At some point, I am going to have to have someone come and do it for our whole family so I am in the picture and dad is more, too! I cannot believe what we have all done this month, I mean, I don’t think we could have squeezed any more in if we tried!!


This month’s blog circle theme was “home is where the heart is” – picked and judged on Facebook by Tiffany Walensky Photography.  It was Valentine’s Day this month so there were plenty of “heart” images and scenery around, and well, this month we got ready to say good-bye to our home as we just closed on a new house today.  It is not really good-bye since we are keeping our current house, too, but we are moving soon, and it will be bittersweet to leave the house the boys have been in since they were toddling around at 18 months. We love our neighborhood so much, we could not bear to move too far, so we are just a few blocks away.  So, all in all it should be an easy move, since no real adjustments to make with new schools and friends or cities.  So, this month is all about my personal photos of our family and our adventures we have and mostly around home, or neighborhood since we are often outdoors as a family. The big changes this month, were instead of scootering everywhere, both boys suddenly are able to ride like BMX-kings on their bikes.  Woot! We even biked all over Castaway Cay on our short little family cruise with my in-laws.  What a priceless way to explore the island as a family but to watch your newly sure of them selves bike riders go ahead of you on the journey.  Amazing! Bonus was not only did we get to spend time with our Australian family this month, but my best friend, or BFF if I am keeping it real, came to Orlando with her family, so we got a brief family play date together! This friendship is like family, we have known each other since we were two and kept in touch across many states, time abroad, and always find time to talk, text and see each other no matter what.  Seeing her is like being “home” as well, so how could I not include a few shots of our time together! Enjoy!
Don’t forget to check out Jen, Tampa photographer at Shooting for Keeps Photography for the next story in our circle – http://shootingforkeeps.blogspot.com/2015/02/month-two-home-is-where-heart-is.html

Hamilton Creek Photography Tampa lifestyle photographer, Twelve by Twelve blog circle

Glimpse into a newly lost tooth, our new home and the adventures we have had on our bikes!

Hamilton Creek Photography Riverview Lifestyle photographer, Tampa Family photographerHamilton Creek Photography Riverview Lifestyle PhotographerHamilton Creek Photography lifestyle photographer

Free lensing my favorite morning light in our garden in front of our “old” house. I will miss this view every morning for sure!Hamilton Creek Photography free lens photographer


Good times with the BFF and her adorable family and our boys…who act like brothers and sisters whenever they are together even if they only see each other once a year!Hamilton Creek Photography  lifestyle photographer, Disney pictures

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