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Medard Park Family Photos

This location is one of my favorite places for fall photo sessions. Medard Park family photos; it really doesn’t get better. There is room to move. The big trees, and gorgeous backlighting are perfect for family pictures this time of year. I loved the kids colorful outfits. Full of pattern and color and then mom stood out in her lovely white dress. The biggest reason it all worked together is everyone had different textures. They were not all in the same type of fabric. The colors were playful and happy, just like their personalities. Maybe colorful isn’t for you. But, you should do you when picking outfits for your own family photos.

Fall family photos don’t have to be stuffy. Everyone can be comfortable. Still put together enough that you want to display the photos in your home. If it is 100 degrees out, no need to put sweaters on. Just be yourselves. I love how bright these colors look in the green backdrop. They radiate, nonly because of that gorgeous backlighting. Their bonds and obvious closeness comes through in all the photos. I mean, does it get any sweeter? I could photograph them all day long!

If you are still looking to capture your family this fall, I have a couple fun locations open. I have one morning mini-session and one sunst mini open in November. I also haveone studio spot open for fall. Then, for full session spots, there are only two spots open for the rest of the year! So, don’t delay! I can’t open more dates, so take advantage of what is open at this time!

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