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Riverview Family Photographer: Motherhood Portraits

Riverview Family Photographer: Simple Motherhood Portraits

Sessions involving moms and their babes, no matter their age, has always been my favorite to photograph. Motherhood sessions that involve play, fun and letting kids be themselves are always a highlight for me. So, getting back to blogging, it is only fitting that this is the first session I am blogging after the incredibly busy last couple of months. I am so lucky to be a Riverview family photographer. A keeper of time. A teller of your story.


But let me tell you, it is exhausting to be creative, and still capture families this time of year for the holidays. I can’t stress enough that family photos shouldn’t be limited to just the fall time.  I know you want a great photo for so you can send a great Christmas card. Truly, capturing your family at any point in the year is amazing. Honestly, the photo that graces your card could even be taken over the summer. Especially as your children get older.


Our own family session didn’t work out this year because first we were scheduled the same day as a tropical storm rolled into Tampa Bay, and then one of sons was admitted to the hospital two days before our reschedule date. After that, I just let go of getting it done in time for Christmas. Sure, I am lucky and can do my own shots for Christmas if I want…which I did end up doing anyway, but we are going to do ours when the sun starts setting a bit later with another photographer, too.


Yet, I digress, back to this sweet session. I mean, redheads, sweet playful kids and a beautifully kind family. It really doesn’t get better for a photographer. Here are a few favorites from the session. Notice the details that I love to document. Their outfits are all different textures. This is something I can’t stress enough when planning your outfits. Don’t all show up in the same fabrics. Incorporate some details, like the lace on this mama’s dress, and the suspenders for her son, and just a bit of sparkle all make these outfits work perfectly. They also have colors that are similar and to keep it a more timeless. Also, the natural feeling is because there are just three main colors and they are more neutral feeling with the combo of navy, cream and gray.


These black and white images would grace my walls for sure if this was my family. I would likely do four matted 11×14 inch prints, with a nice two inch white mat and a frame colro that went with my decor.  I just love freckles and textures in black and white. Especially on overcast days. There is just nothing sweeter than these little moments and details! Nothing sweeter than printing them and seeing them every day on your walls, that is! Don’t forget if you book a session with me, I help you create artwork from your session that fits your style and help guide which sizes will work best, too! Contact me today if you want your own motherhood session this coming spring. Dates are already booking up!


Riverview family photographer, what to wear family picturesRiverview family photographer, what to wear family pictures

Riverview family photographer, what to wear family picturesRiverview family photographer, what to wear family pictures

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