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Riverview Portrait – Back-to-School Pictures

Back-to-School Pictures Fall 2013

Who is ready for kindergarten?  These guys are!!! I cannot believe we are starting school this week.  Of course, that meant back-to-school pictures were in order for our very own dynamic duo!  Where have the last five years gone?  Some days feel so long, but in reality time is flying with these amazing little guys. I guess I should stop calling them so “little” since pretty soon they are going to be towering over my husband and I.  Born at 33 weeks, Augustus was 5lbs 4oz, and Raleigh was 4lbs 14oz, and now Gus is 55 pounds and Rals is at 50 pounds! They are almost 48 inches tall and full of energy, amazing spirits, and can talk your ears off about almost any subjects; although animals and travel, space and super-heroes top their list of favorite subjects.  We had a summer full of summer VPK this year and now embark upon kindergarten.  We are thrilled with the young men they have become and cannot wait to share more about their year!  I am so glad that these little muses are mine and I chose to become a photographer after spending a few years being a stay-at-home mom, they are definitely the most fun to photograph and inspire me to check out new locations around Tampa Bay to do photo sessions at all the time!  This location happens to be our own neighborhood in Riverview, and we are certainly blessed with some gorgeous natural backdrops for photos, right?  Not only that, but I am blessed witha n photographer friend who was willing to lend me her desk and globe for this set up! Lucky, lukcy! Wishing you all a successful, stress free return to school, especially for all you first timers like us! Thanks for stopping by! Brooke


Back-to-School Hamilton Creek PhotographyBack-to-School Hamilton Creek PhotographyBack-to-School Hamilton Creek Photography

Hamilton Creek Photography – Back-to-School

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