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Riverview Senior Photos: Winthrop Town Center

Stylish Senior Session at Winthrop

Riverview senior photos at Winthrop Town Center is definitely a trend for the class of 2019. I have one more that we had to reschedule due to this crazy rain and I can’t wait. This senior was special because I have known this guy since he was about the age of our own boys! I seriously can still see his little boy face, but don’t tell him that! It really is surreal to see him about to graduate. I can’t even imagine what his parents are feeling right now. Seriously, I know how much I am freaking out about having almost middle schoolers!

This guy has his own style and I love that. Much like our own boys. Our kids will most certainly have all the input into what they will wear for senior pictures some day, too. His high school senior session was even more personaly styled with his own custom shoes. I mean, I am so lame I didn’t even know this was a thing. Maybe he is a trend setter for Riverview senior photos? So enjoy these photos of this handsome, happy, and kind young man. Supposedly he is loud, like that was his senior award, and that he gets from his mama.  I love his personality comes through in these pictures.

If you are here for this guy and his family, don’t forget to comment below on the blog post to help them get a gift print from me. After all, the best part of getting the photos done is printing them so you can enjoy them as you walk by the photos on your wall every day! Do you have a soon-to-be high school senior? Contact me to start planning yoru Riveview senior photos for 2020!

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urban senior pictures, senior boy photo

And as you can see from the above shots, this guy is a model. He was one of the easiest seniors I have photographed to date. But that smile, that real laugh smile, I mean, my mama heart about melted, too!


The best part of senior pictures to me is having the parents join in the photos. I mean, this is a big deal guys! Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate your child’s graduation with them!

family pictures with high school senior, senior cap and gown picturefamily pictures with high school senior, senior cap and gown picture


senior boy pictures, urban senior pictures

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