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Spring Family Photos | Tampa Family Photographer

Spring family photos in Tampa this year have been the thing to do! I know a lot of people put fall family photos on hold, like our own family did. So I was so glad to see this family in 2021. Each year I look forward to what they are going to wear. Family photos are important. They are the heirlooms we will have to look back on for a small moment of time. However, fancy clothing isn’t needed to get your family pictures done. Trust me. But, clothing can definitely add something special to a portrait session if you are investing in a session.

Sure, I take pictures of my own kids here at this flower field every year, and I don’t dress them up any more. They wouldn’t even let me if I tried! Instead, I just let them be themselves. However, I am also not putting those up on my walls beyond a small print to hang up on our memory pin board. This location is stunning. It deserves stunning clothing to go with it.

I always give my clients tips on photo locations and clothing options. The location you choose should be part of picking your outfits for family pictures for sure. Whether you start with the location, or start with your clothing first, they should work together. An in home session looking this dressed up may not make sense, but in a flower field it is magic! Right? Both kinds of sessions have my heart. So if you are more of a t-shirt and sweats kind of family and you love being at home, call me! Those are my kind of sessions and stories to capture, too.

For this family, they always have the best family photo style for each family member. They don’t really need my tips! For families who get yearly photos, you know it is hard to pick something “new” and still stay true to your style. This year for their spring family photos Tampa, they went with a boho styled look. It worked well as a simple neutral color scheme against the flower field for sure.

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I love when the parents are game for a few shots together, too. When you have toddlers, it may not be the easiest to sneak a couple of just the two of you, but if you can, it is always worth it!

couple in a field, couples pictures tampa
mother and child pictures, spring family photos tampa

I know some photographers get intimiated when older kids are at a session, but for me, I just love it. Getting parents shots with each individual kiddo is important, too. I am a sucker for a mother-son shot, being a boy mama, but I also remember being an emotional, probably annoying pre-teen for my mom, and now that I am a mom, I realize just how much my mom did for me, so those shots are always so great to get, too.

family walking in a field, flower field pictures tampa
spring family photos tampa, family walking in a field
child with grandma's quilt, tampa child portraits
Her grandma’s quilt was a perfect way to cap off the session and document this family piece in their family photos, too

As much as the color works for this location, there is just something so timeless about black and white images in this Tampa flower field location. I can’t wait for my film scans to come back where I played at the very end of this session, too. Freelensing and all that sunshine will hopefully work perfectly!

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