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Tampa Family Photographer John Chesnut Park Pictures

John Chesnut Park Pictures

This family’s session at John Chesnt Park cannot help but make you smile. I giggled and squealed the entire time, too. You know when you meet people and just know they are going to be “your” people? This family was like that from the start. Being relaxed and trusting that I was going to get the details important to them is critical for a successful family session. Our focus was just to let them all have fun together. All while I easily documented their family. I find that if we let little kids lead the way, we can all have fun just watching them be themselves. That is part of the relaxing part. If there is one thing they can take away from this photo session, it is that they love each other very much. Plus, give me a dad to photograph with the most expressive face ever and I am feeling like I hit the jackpot!

Also, John Chesnut Park pictures are also awesome. This was my first time making the trek over to this park but I can tell you, I will be back 🙂 With my own family and likely a new spot for holiday mini’s this fall! It was magical and so many greenery, with light filled spots.

I love that they requested to recreate their engagement photos with their kids. We did a few shots taken at the same location as their engagement session. Just, this time with their kiddos at their feet. What a difference a few years makes, right?

Of course, the dramatic light screams for black and white edits, too. 

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