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Tampa Family Photographer Year in Review

2017 has come and gone…how did that happen? Happy New Year to you all!!!  This year has been so good. I feel so lucky to do what I do and am thankful for all of you who let me document your families this year. Whether it was the first time we met, or the sixth time, I thank you! This time of year is always a great time to reflect on the year, the highs and the lows. The next few weeks will certainly be setting new goals for 2018. I am not really one for “resolutions. Are you? I like to set goals instead. But before I do that, it is always fun to look back at my Tampa family photographer Year in Review.

Funny thing is my first session of 2017 was also my subject for my last session of 2017. See how much this little one grew in one year if you can make it through the five and a half minute slideshow…

2017 in Review from Hamilton Creek Photography on Vimeo.


Last year around this time, I was focusing on putting together my set of images for peer review by Clickin Moms and applying for “Click Pro.” Which happily I made early on in 2017. I spend much of 2017 in “education mode.” This year I learned  from a few other photographers in an online format. In February, I am super excited to be going to Click Away. That will in person learning and meeting many people in my online photography “tribe.”


In 2018, I definitely want to get back to me. What moves me? What matters to my clients? I hope to make portaits that tell a story along the way.  A lot of photographers get in this place where there is so much constant pressure to be “liked” or followed, and get social media acceptance by others. I find myself in that same hard place of being part of a photography community, but also still just being me and doing what I love. Not what other people are doing and what other people love. For these reasons, I really think you may see less of me on social media in 2018.


I love being connected to others in the social community, but it often times feels like this ferris wheel you can’t get off. Then you do stop and think, why I am I spending so much time wanting to be liked by virtual strangers? It just isn’t me. I am not one of the cool kids, I am not really into keeping up with the Joneses in real life, so I am not sure why I do that in photography. I still love to share the work I am creating, and love when my clients share their images, too. However, I just feel empty when I am focusing on what other people will like instead of what moves me.


This year, for 2018, my goal is to stay authentic in my photography. I hope that makes sense and isn’t too personal to share in this upbeat year in review slideshow.


Hopefully this step back from social media will help me get back to blogging…which I have failed at miserably this year. My goal for sure is to put together more meaningful content on the blog this year. Not just share sessions, but give some photography experiences that clients can use in their lives beyond pretty photo sessions. What do you want to see on the blog this year? I am thinking of sharing what to wear ideas again, more ideas for displaying your photos, and just some location ideas for around Tampa Bay.  I would love to hear what you would like to see more of, too!


With that, I leave you with a few favorites to end out the year in NYC for Christmas. This is the boys in Times Square. Ah, doesn’t get more magical, right? In reality, and keeping to authenticity, the crowds overwhelm me, I stress and panic, I curse, I get angry, but giving them the world through travel is our goal as parents, so I let go of my anxiety in crowded spots for them. I definitely was already focusing on my future plans for less big camera time when with our family. I left my camera in the hotel for over half of the trip. I almost didn’t bring it at all, but being the first trip to NYC for the boys, I am glad I listened to a few fellow photog friends and didn’t do that.


Being present and letting the moment go undocumented for most of the trip worked wonderfully for our short family trip. I look forward to documenting our travels for 2018, and hopefully I will get better at editing our own family photos in a timely manner…I am still editing travels from the past four years when I find time.

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Hugs & love to you all for a more peaceful and happy 2018.

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