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Tampa Portrait Photographer: Twelve by Twelve Blog Circle

Tampa Portrait Photographer

Twelve by Twelve Blog Circle

How can it be October already??? I can’t believe it. That means only two more months of the Twelve by Twelve Blog Circle. This month’s topic of “eyes” was selected by Melissa of Contemporary Captures Photography, Tampa. If you are a fellow family photographer, you know that this time of year is crazy, crazy, crazy busy. So, doing a blog circle can take a back seat, but luckily for me, I photographed the most lovely family this past month with two girls with the most magic eyes. So, they are my subject matters this month instead of my own magical eyed boys because I just didn’t get enough time to photograph them for personal projects this month. Not that I didn’t take pictures, because I did, but I didn’t focus on their “eyes” per say.

Tampa senior photographer, senior pictures, tampa portrait photographer, posing older childrenThese two portraits that I really felt like their eyes make the shot are posed at sunset, with the sun pretty much down, and the subject facing the sun. If you have done sessions with me or seen my work, you can tell that 99% of it is backlit. I love the flare, haze and gorgeous bokeh produced when putting my subjects between myself and the sun. For these two shots though, with the light falling, I wanted to capture them facing the sun. Note the big difference that would have been made if it would not have been as the sun was already 99% set. They would have been a squinty mess, right?  You can see their lovely catchlights in their eyes and relaxed faces. If you are shooting into the sun, you can still accomplish lovely catchlights, the part of the eyeball that is still lit up with a small highlight in the eye, so it doesn’t look shaded and “dead.” The picture of the girls with their mother was done 10 minutes earlier, into the sun, with the sun slightly to the left, so their hair was lit with what I call the “magic” light in the hair. Really it is just rim lighting that I am trying to accomplish.  Even if you are not a photographer, but you want to take better pictures of your own kids, try to focus on getting the “catchlights” in their eyes. you can do this by placing them near or facing toward a window in your home, or even try shooting from above them as we many times already have a birds eye view of our kiddos at our feet, am I right? The subject looking up (from a shady area no where it is full sun in their eyes…that would just be mean) they will naturally get the catchlights as well.  I hope that tip helps you out today! For more “eyes” follow the blog circle on to Melissa, Tampa wedding and family at Contemporary Captures Photography.

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