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Twelve by Twelve Project: April Favorite Color

Tampa Child Photographer: Favorite Color

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If you know me, you know I love pink.  Well, pink may be my favorite color, and what makes me happy, but in photography, if you see my photos, you probably see a theme in many of them, green. I love shooting in greenery or green spaces.  So, my favorite color I am highlighting this month as part of the Twelve by Twelve blog circle is green!  Greenery makes me happy and I love to incorporate it in any shoot. Even newborns, or when I am at the beach, I try to find a spot with some green to pull in so all the shots don’t look the same. This personal project of the Twelve by Twelve blog to document the daily routine and adventures with my boys; also allows me the opportunity to shoot for myself with a more creative outlet for shooting at least once a month. As a Tampa child photographer, I love documenting all children I photograph naturally, while I may take a few minutes to let parents help get their kids to smile at the camera, the best magic is capturing little ones as they are. That is when the magic of childhood can take over. If you want to get those cheesey grins at the camera only, then I really recommend staying with a studio photographer or big chain store, but letting a little green space and exploration in if you are in love with letting your kids be themselves! This month it was so much fun to let the boys be boys and adventure out to new locations and some old ones and just let them be themselves. Hamilton Creek Photography, purple flower field Tampa, childhood pictures

Plus, getting inspirational photos of the boys is always more fun with friends come along with us! Here the boys enjoyed one of their best pals playing with them back where they met almost two years ago!Hamilton Creek Photography, purple flower field Tampa, childhood picturesHamilton Creek Photography, purple flower field Tampa, childhood pictures


Now on to the next in the blog circle, Riverview photographer, Reilly of Reilly Maguire Photography, where you may recognize a few of the same people and location.

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